March 30, 2024 at 10:38 am

‘I don’t drive for any of them.’ – Insurance Company Tries To Terminate Driver’s Coverage Because She Took A Lyft Home From An Accident

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@jiweenie

You need car insurance in the event of an accident but what if your insurer wants to terminate your contract. What then?

It’s kind of vital to owning a car and vital to getting us to work and back and for our social life. But sometimes not all is gonna go to plan with your insurance and you. And that’s life, it seems.

TikToker and former Geico customer @jiweenie said she got a letter from her insurer telling her account would be closed alleging that she’d operated ride sharing services.

Source: TikTok/@jiweenie

But she told her followers: “I am not a driver for Lyft, I am not a driver for Uber.”

The situation arose after the TikToker’s car was hit by another car in a parking lot.

The TikToker said the insurance company must have got the wrong idea because when the police officer asked her how she’d get home after the collision, she said by Uber or Lyft.

“I told him I had Uber and Lyft to get home,” she added.

Source: TikTok/@jiweenie

And now she says the insurers are asking for proof from Uber or Lyft stating she isn’t in fact working for them…


She added that she needed to sort it out quickly because “if the insurance company terminates your insurance,” no one else will actually trust to insure a driver.

Source: TikTok/@jiweenie

There’s a lot more to this story, and the hoops she has to jump through are absolutely bonkers.

Check out the fully story here…


so @GEICO @Uber @Lyft which one of yall is going to resolve this fucking mess before i get lawyers on yall irresponsible asses ????? #geico #uber #lyft #rideshares #rant #carinsurance #caraccident #vent

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Good call!

Source: TikTok/@jiweenie

Good advice too!

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Someone else making claims about the company…

Source: TikTok/@jiweenie

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