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Mother-In-Law Keeps Disrespecting Her Parenting Skills, So She Forbids Her From Watching The Baby Until She Changes Her Ways

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/@Capital-Matter5858

Oh, boy, here we go again

It’s another story from Reddit about a person who’s dealing with in-laws who just don’t get it.

And this woman had enough, so she put her foot down!

But did she go too far?

Check out what she had to say and YOU be the judge…

AITA for telling my MIL she can’t watch our child anymore until she respects me as parent?

“So my family begged to be able to watch my daughter (6 months) instead of sending her to daycare.

The MIL is causing problems…

My mom has been an angel and watched her 2-3 days a week and I fill in the rest with other family members. Well my MIL has been an issue from the start telling people I’m keeping the baby away from her just because I don’t invite her to see the baby.

I just would like for her to take initiative to ask instead of me pushing my child on her if that makes sense. Well I agreed to letting her come for a day a week but she decided she wanted to do half days instead. Whatever. So, I get home from work one afternoon and my MIL and her mother are in my living room playing with the baby.

I love her mother, but I had no clue she was coming to my house. When I arrive the baby is tired bc of a missed nap so that grandma could visit. So I immediately take her to put her down for a nap and they left.

Things escalated.

So I decided to send a text that says “I would appreciate you asking me or letting me know before you invite someone to the house, nana is always welcome I just like to know who is here” MIL ignored me for days and didn’t respond, then my fiance goes to talk to her and she says she is mad at me for talking to her that way??

So I call her and she begins to tell me I’m rude and that I should have never said ANYTHING to her for inviting her own mother over. She never apologized. Told me I was a ***** and also told me to keep my mouth shut when I’m talking to an elder….so apparently I’m not allowed to have a preference of how my home or childcare is handled?

Show some respect!

I have no issues with her mother visiting that’s not the problem. The problem is she doesn’t respect me and doesn’t think she needs to tell me these things in my own home.

So I told her until she can learn to communicate appropriately with me and talk to me with respect as the parent of my child, she can’t watch her anymore.

Am I wrong for this?”

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Source: Reddit/@Capital-Matter5858

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Source: Reddit/@Capital-Matter5858

One person said the MIL is to blame here.

Source: Reddit/@Capital-Matter5858

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Source: Reddit/@Capital-Matter5858

And this person said they’re NTA and that they set a boundary.

Source: Reddit/@Capital-Matter5858

I would’ve said the same thing!

Good grief!

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