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Mother’s Intervention Into Her Daughter’s Wedding Guest List Rubbed Everyone The Wrong Way

by Chris Allen

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The over-bearing mother character seems to be straight out of a movie.

Selfish, loud, always out for their wishes and nothing else.

But sometimes they pop up in your life, and it’s just a nightmare being caught in the middle of it.

This is a story from that mother’s perspective, and it’s pretty clear (among the jumbled storytelling), that she’s over-stepped her bounds.

AITA for not attending Bio daughters wedding because Her step sister was not invited

Bio Daughter’s Dad and I relationship did not end on good terms and while I tried my best to keep the children out of it, he did not agree.

In an attempt to get the kids to side with him, he went on a smear campaign against me.

While he didn’t accomplish his Goal of getting them to want to be with him, he was successful in straining my relationship with my daughter.

I tried therapy and every possible but once she was old enough to refuse she stopped participating.

It sounds like there was a lot of strife in that household…

I remarried when bio daughter was 13, and my husband had a daughter who is 2 years younger than our bio daughter.

Since the beginning the girls did not get along, at first bio daughter was the one instigating but eventually in their teens years, the “hate” became mutual.

Both girls are now in their Mid 20s and their relationship has not gotten any better.

Bio daughter is getting Married next year and she’s having a fairly large wedding.

Then it started coming out that the step daughter would not be at the wedding…

We find out why.

I knew since the beginning that stepdaughter was not in the wedding party but everyone assumed she was at least invited to the ceremony.

While talking about the wedding, the topic of step daughter was brought up, at which point my daughter said that step daughter wasn’t invited.

When I asked why her reasoning was that she wants an intimate wedding.

And then the mother kept pressuring the daughter.

This would normally be a reasonable response, except for the fact that even friends that she hadn’t seen since elementary school are invited but her step sister is not.

So I pressed her and she said the reason why she isn’t invited is because “ she’s not family”.

I said if stepsister is not family, than neither is Stepdad and her half siblings and by proxy I’m also not family and so if its a family only wedding then there is no point in me attending.

She obviously got upset and started screaming and ended up leaving.

She told her aunts and grandparents and everyone is saying that i’m an AH for refusing to attend her wedding.

Ohhhh boy did the comments section drop the YTA votes like it was going out of style.

One person really laid out some great points.

Especially that she’s forcing this.

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Another person reminded very succinctly that it’s the daughter’s wedding, not hers!

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While one Redditor was seeing into the future.

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And I just love this first line here.

Because exactly.

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Oooooverbeeeaaaaaring *clap, clap, clap clap clap*

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