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She Bragged About Her Daughter’s Grades, But Now Her Sister Wasn’t Happy About It Because Her Own Kid Is Struggling

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@Upset-Sorbet-6262

Hey, aren’t parents supposed to brag about their kids, or did I miss something?

Well, I guess everyone is different, but I don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world.

But this mom got some blowback for bragging about her daughter.

Was she out of line?

Let’s see what’s going on here!

AITA for bragging about my daughter?

“My daughter (16f), is very smart and doesn’t treat that lightly, she pushes herself as far as she can go.

This kid ain’t no dummy.

She’s in all the AP classes her school offer, she take 3 electives (social studies, economics and computer science) and one self study elective (law, my husband is a lawyer so he helps her), she take 2 second languages outside of the mandatory English one (English is a second language in my country. She takes Italian and Russian).

Obviously I’m very proud of her for doing all of this and I talk about it A LOT.

Uh oh…

This has never been a problem until recently at a family dinner I was telling my mom about my daughter recent 100% in AP math when my sister snapped at me to shut up about my daughter already and that she’s not that special.

I was shocked because my sister was always one of my daughter’s biggest supporter. I don’t remember her saying one bad thing about my daughter before this.

My mom tried to calm my sister down but her face was red which was a big tell about how mad she was, she scolded me for bragging about my daughter accomplishments when I know how her daughter was just kicked out (her words) from AP math for a few too many bad grades.

That was a surprise.

I didn’t know about it, she never told me but she obviously told my mom since she was on her side.

I apologised because I wanted to keep the peace but I guess it was obvious that I was still confused because she just kept scolding me.

After a minute of sitting there my husband just excused us and we left.

This is out of control.

I’ve been getting texts from relatives berating me for insulting my niece like that.

I’m so confused but no one listen when I try to say that I don’t know.

I’m starting to really feel bad and I think I should apologise again and talk to my sister but I need to know, AITA?”

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Sibling rivalry…

It’s alive and well!

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