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Sister-In-Law Expects Everyone To Compliment Both Of Her Teenage Daughters, So This Aunt Teaches Her A Lesson In Things Not Always Being Fair

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@SubstantialSea2965

This is a weird one, I’m not gonna lie

The person who wrote the story on Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page is in a bit of a pickle because of a matter that seems to be dividing family members.

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AITA for saying my brother’s stepdaughter is not gorgeous?

“My brother and SIL have two daughters F14 Bria that is his and F16 Leah that is hers.

There’s an issue…

The problem is my SIL. Every time someone compliments Bria we MUST also compliment Leah otherwise she will get mad.

For example if I tell Bria that she is very talented in something SIL will interrupt me and say “but isn’t Leah also very talented?”

It’s annoying.

I can’t say a single word to my niece unless I say it to Leah too.

A few days ago we were at their home and the girls were getting ready to go to a party.

Bria was looking absolutely gorgeous so I told her “omg Bria you look gorgeous”

Here we go…

SIL interrupted me again and said “but isn’t Leah very gorgeous?”

I finally snapped and said “no she is not” she looked at me shocked and said what the hell is wrong with you to say that.

I told her I didn’t want to say that but since she wanted to know I answered truthfully.

Uh oh…

If she thinks her daughter is gorgeous then she should tell her but she can’t expect people to compliment her.

Now she thinks I’m an *******.”

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Another individual said they could’ve done this privately.

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That’s a weird one…

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