April 1, 2024 at 6:38 pm

What Ae Some Facts That Could Actually Save Your Life? – ‘If they’re coughing, they’re not actually choking.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AskReddit

This is an article that you’re gonna want to pay attention to, my friends!

Because the advice laid out here might literally save your life…

Are you ready?

Let’s get started!


“Don’t pull a knife or anything else out of a puncture wound.

The object may very well be keeping you from bleeding out, only a medical professional should remove something stuck in you.”

I did not know that!

“If you fall through the ice… the dark spot is the way out.

The sun reflects off the ice surface.

The spot you entered has no ice or reflection, so will be dark … opposite what we would naturally think.”

Stay put.

“If you get lost in the wilderness the best thing to do is to stay calm and stay put.

Unless there is an immediate threat to your safety in the area, just sit down and wait for someone to come find you.

Many people pass away or get seriously injured because they keep moving and Search & Rescue can’t catch up to them.”


“Baking soda will extinguish a fire, even grease and electrical fires.

You should always keep a box of it nearby when you’re cooking and grilling.”

Good to know.

“You should still attempt to dial 911 in an emergency even if you have no bars of signal.

There are protocols that allow your phone to bounce signals off any tower available, including military/first responder towers and ones not on your network if you attempt to call 911.”

See it all the time.

“Do not I REPEAT DO NOT lay in the snow or walk home alone in the cold when you are far too intoxicated.

I had a friend pass away from hypothermia and alcohol poisoning because she wanted to take a nap in the snow.”


“If you can’t find you kid in your house, don’t search common places they would be.

Search the most dangerous places; pools, freezes, washing machines and dryers.

Seconds count and if they are hiding under the table for an extra minute, who cares.”

Don’t do it.

“The rocks from a river absorb water.

When rapidly heated it causes the absorbed water to boil much quicker than steam can escape the rock.

This buildup of steam causes the rock to explode, sending hot rock fragments everywhere.

So don’t use rocks from a river to make a fire pit.”



My cousin had to evacuate his 4th floor apartment due to carbon monoxide when his daughter was only a week old – someone on the ground floor was using machinery without proper ventilation & the scary thing was that the 2nd & 3rd floors’ alarms were **** & didn’t go off.

Thanks to his making sure his detector was working everyone was fine.”

The signs.

“Signs of a stroke: FAST.

Face drooping? Arm weakness? Speech slurred? Time to go to the hospital!

Speed of response makes the difference between “sometimes walks a little funny when tired” and “bedbound lump.”

If you know old people, you need to know how to spot a stroke.”

Don’t panic.

“If you get caught in a rip current, don’t fight it.

It won’t pull you under.

People *** because they panic, fight it, and get tired and then drown.

When you can, swim parallel to the shore out of the rip and then diagonally back to shore.”

Be prepared.

“Choking is silent.

If they’re coughing, they’re not actually choking.

If someone goes silent and starts pointing to their neck, start the Heimlich maneuver.”

The road.

“If your car is broken down, do not stand in front of it while waiting for help.

I had a friend *** when another driver swerved and hit her vehicle, causing it to run over her.”


“If someone comes at you with a weapon and tells you to go with them, DO NOT.

Never go to the second location.”

On the slopes.

“Never walk/ski/snowboard near trees when there is heavy snow.

There is something called a “tree well” that sometimes forms under trees where if you fall in you will become impacted by snow, often upside down and suffocate.”

Advice from Mom.

“My mom always taught me to count rows between your seat and the emergency exit.

So if you can’t see where you are going you can feel where you are going.

I’ll never forget that.”

Good to know!

Thanks internet!

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