May 3, 2024 at 3:36 am

Company Plans Employee Appreciation Lunch Of Hot Dogs And Chips, And It Cost Every Employee $10 To Attend

by Laura Lynott

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It’s hard to feel part of a company these days after the pandemic and the threat of AI hanging over workers’ heads, as they count down the days on how much longer until the robots take over!

And there’s companies out there who are trying to instill a sense of team in their workplaces – but one Redditor revealed just how out of touch companies are as far as making everyone feel like part of the team.

The poster u/Rainbow62993’s claimed her husband’s workplace were running an “employee appreciation day.”

Sounds great, right? Does that mean a wage increase? Time off? Dress down days?


She said the company was offering workers “a hot dog, bag of chips, and a soda.”

And the company wanted its staff to pay for this ‘treat’ for the princely sum of $10.

“A woman went around getting everyone on a list today and let them know to bring in $10 if they wanted the hot dog, chips, and soda. They’re showing employee appreciation by making them pay $10 for that little a** meal.”

They were all supposed to get a free bag of candy, but it wound up being hard.

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Winning comment!

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Seriously where is that $10 going?

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Eeek. The great brainwashing.

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I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t feel very appreciated.

Quite the opposite, actually.