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Customer Was Livid After Chase Bank Froze Her Business Accounts. She Swears She’s Done Banking With Them Forever

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@dahliathedyna

Chase Bank is at it again!

And I don’t mean that in a positive way…

A customer named Stefanie posted a video on the social media platform and talked to viewers about a bad experience she had with the corporation.

Stefanie explained to viewers, “This morning I woke up to Chase bank freezing all of my accounts and after sitting in their branch for over three-and-a half hours I pulled all my money out and I will never bank with Chase again. Let me tell you why. So I’m in construction and what is very customary in construction is for clients to sign over checks to you. Third party checks, right? So they just sign their names on the back, and then you deposit it.”

She continued, “Well apparently Chase has a rule against this now and now they have to verify the person that signed the check over to you. Do you want to know how they do that? Uhm, they freeze all your accounts until you have to actually call them, give them the phone numbers of your clients, so they can verify their identity with their phone numbers. Yeah, their phone numbers.”

Source: TikTok/@dahliathedyna

Stefanie was upset about Chase’s decision to let customers use phone numbers to verify their identities and she said, “They won’t not allow my clients to come into the branch and show their government issued ID, but instead, wanted to verify it with a phone number and once my client’s numbers couldn’t be verified, with a phone number because not everybody has their names on their phone accounts, a lot of people share phone accounts, OK?”

Her accounts were frozen and she couldn’t get any of her money.

Stefanie said, “They refused to remove the freeze from my account so I could just access the cash I had in the bank, they would not even give me my own cash in my bank, debit card would not work nothing. So then I asked to speak to a supervisor because this is asinine and I asked there has to be another option. They refused to provide any other option and said that the only way that they can verify someone’s identity is with their phone number now.”

Source: TikTok/@dahliathedyna

Stefanie got even more upset with how things unfolded.

She said, “After I tried to get my cash at the teller window after the whole phone call where they couldn’t verify my client’s identification with their phone number, I had to sit down with a manager who made the call, same number I called, for loss prevention, and somehow magically when he gave them my client’s phone numbers, now it could be verified.”

She ended her video by telling viewers, “So now I’m just waiting because they have to call each homeowner individually apparently, and verify that they gave me this funds and then, then my hold will be removed in about 48 to 72 hours apparently, and at that point then I can access my money. But, doesn’t matter cause I withdrew everything today anyway so once the hold comes off that’s getting withdrawn too. I’m done with you Chase Bank, 30 years I’ve been banking with you and I am done. Won’t happen again.”


Source: TikTok/@dahliathedyna

Let’s take a look at the video.


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And here’s how folks reacted.

This individual asked a good question…

Source: TikTok/@dahliathedyna

This TikTokker shared their thoughts.

Source: TikTok/@dahliathedyna

Another person doesn’t know why folks even bother dealing with these companies.

Source: TikTok/@dahliathedyna

I imagine this was super embarrassing.

As well as frustrating!

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