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Dad Doesn’t Want To Pay For His Son’s Wedding If His Stepfather Has A Big Part In The Ceremony

by Matthew Gilligan

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AITA for refusing to pay for my son’s wedding if I have to walk him down the aisle with his stepdad?

“I was still serving in the army when my oldest son ” Karter” 23M was 5 – 10.

He’s making up for lost time.

Me and his mom were divorced by then but I always made every effort to be a good dad and spend time with him while on leave.

When I left the Army I’ve spent every moment I could with my boy. We still have a good relationship.

Now my ex remarried pretty quick to a nice guy “Steven” which of course he did treat Karter well.

I’m not knocking that even though we don’t get along but I’m his actual dad.

Karter’s getting married to his fiance “Clark” 25M at the end of next month. My ex and Steven are a kinda strapped for cash and Clark’s family isn’t exactly wealthy so they asked me if I’d foot the bill.

No problem…until…

I agreed cause of course I’d do anything for my boy.

Come to find out yesterday that Karter wants both me and Steven to walk him down the aisle.

That honestly really ****** me off you know cause I’m Karter’s actual dad and I’m paying for everything and I’ve always been there for him.

It hurt a lot that he’d want some step parent to walk him down the aisle.

We got into a huge fight about this morning and I told him that I wouldn’t pay for the wedding if Steven walks him down the aisle.

My ex is mad and thanks I’m being selfish but my dad thinks I should push harder.


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Your kids can never have too much love!

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