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He Took Custody Of Their Daughter And Declined To Ask For Child Support. Now His Ex Is Trying To Control His Parenting Choices.

by Abby Jamison

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Nothing is more complicated than parenting, especially when you’re separated.

In this situation, this father’s number one priority is his daughter.

So what happens when his ex-wife and her husband try and control his parenting?

He took to Reddit for opinions. Let’s hear the full story…

AITA for going after child support from my ex wife and her husband even though I said I would not after they said they wanted input on how I raise my daughter?

“My ex-wife, Sandy, and I got married young. Too young.

I wasn’t done university and she was fresh out of high school. We were pressured by our families.

It’s a religious thing. We didn’t actually even live together until a year and a half later when I finished my degree.

I’m not in great shape, I’m not particularly handsome, although my mom says I am.

I also spent a lot of time at work my first three years of my career getting a running start.

Things didn’t go well in their marriage…

I am ashamed to say I pretty much neglected Sandy.

When we had our daughter I reexamined my life and made them a priority.

Unfortunately it was too little too late.

Sandy left me. It hurt. It hurt more when she moved on and left our daughter with me.

She said that she was still young and that her family and I had taken years of her youth away and now it was her turn to enjoy it.

I felt a lot of guilt over what she said. For the record I didn’t particularly want to be married either.

They had to make a hard choice as parents…

I said that I didn’t want to hold her back so I would not take child support.

We went to court and I got full custody.

She got visitation which she only very rarely uses. Like four times last year.

It’s been five years and my daughter and I are doing fine. I have a great job now and I am able to work from home.

I take my daughter to school and pick her up. And I leave my work in my office when we are together.

I have also withdrawn from the church my parents attend.

Recently Sandy has been bugging me about parenting decisions. I told her that I would raise my daughter as I saw fit.

She said that she was her mother and deserved a say.

Her husband chimed in that I was not doing a proper job of parenting and that they were considering going back to court for custody.

They seem to want back in his daughter’s life…

As soon as he mentioned lawyers I hung up and called mine.

She is a bulldog. She immediately filed for child support including back child support for the last five years.

I have been hearing from everyone that I’m being cruel going after her for money.

Full disclosure I make close to five times their combined income. I don’t need their money.

But if I can use the law to get her to leave us alone I will. AITA?”

Let’s see how Reddit responded to this situation.

This commenter thinks he did the right thing.

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Another user thinks the ex-wife has ulterior motives.

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All in all, commenters agreed.

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Hopefully, the justice system does its job.

This father and his daughter should be protected from poor treatment!

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