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Her Dad And Stepmom Want Some Of The $1,000 Prize She Won, But She Wants To Spend It On Herself

by Matthew Gilligan

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If you ever win a chunk of money, be prepared for people to crawl out of the woodwork so they can try to get a piece of the action.

That’s a FACT.

But this young woman wasn’t having it!

Did she act like a jerk?

Read her story and see what you think.

AITA for keeping all my prize money even though it would have helped my dad and stepmom?

“I (16f) entered our yearly town raffle not thinking I’d win, I just bought tickets because I supported the charity, they’re always good prizes the top one being a gift card for $1,000.

My stepmom won a fancy wine/food basket which she told us she’d enjoy to all to herself as it was her prize and with the pregnancy/money troubles she said she deserved something just for her.


About two days later while at my moms I got a text saying I won.

After collecting my prize my mom said I should spend it all on things I always wanted but we couldn’t afford, so I did I get nice shoes,perfumes,makeup etc

Uh oh…

Here’s were I made a mistake: I posted to social media about winning and what I got.

Within 30 minutes my dad called me and told me I was selfish and cruel to buy myself unnecessary **** while I knew they were struggling.

Stepmom than got on the phone and asked how much I had left so I said 280.

She than asked would I return my stuff or at the very least give them the gift card so they could get stuff for the baby because I knew how bad they were struggling. I said no just like her gift basket it was Mine to keep.

Good grief!

She started crying calling me names I couldn’t understand and dad took the phone saying he was disappointed in me and I’ve changed the way he views me.

I just hung up afterwards dad told my mom that it’s best I don’t come over for a few weeks due till everyone claims down, my step sister texted me saying “**** them, they shouldn’t be having more kids they can’t afford”.

But my stepmom had been sending me messages begging to help them out for the innocent baby’s sake now I feel extremely guilty.”

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All this over a measly $1,000?

Get a life, parents!

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