May 30, 2024 at 8:38 pm

His Wife Ditched Him For Fun Things And Volunteered Him For A Moving Day, So Now He’s Calling Her Out And Telling Her “Never Again!”

by Ashley Ashbee

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Most of us probably wouldn’t want to see pictures of the fun our spouse is having without us.

Especially like this case, when this man missed out because his wife volunteered him to help relatives move without his approval.

Keep reading to see how things happened.

AITA For telling my wife to never volunteer me to help her family again

My wife’s younger brother (Joe) and his GF are moving into an apartment together at the beginning of June. They were going to move all of GF’s stuff into a storage unit for a month until they get their new place together.

She said I should help them move while she watches our son since I’m stronger than she is and I know how to drive our truck with a trailer.

Unfortunately, he was giving up a lot more than his time to help out.

The morning of the move, my wife told me that a friend of hers got suite tickets through work to a hockey game for that day and invited them.

Yes, suite tickets to a playoff hockey game. She said she would be bringing our son since her friend was bringing her kids too.

Great, so not only do I get stuck helping someone move, but my wife and son get to go have an amazing experience together that I miss out on. And yes, this was my son’s first major sporting event and I was missing it.

I spent 7-8 hours and multiple trips back and forth helping them move. All the while my wife is sending pictures to our family group chat of how much fun they’re having at the hockey game.

Later, he got his frustration off his chest, but it didn’t have the effect he would like.

That night I started railing off all the reasons I had to be ****** off: she volunteered me to help, she got to spend the day doing something very special with our son that I missed out on.

Also, her brother and his GF were not prepared and I had spent the entire day doing manual labor.

I ended my little rant by telling her that she is never going to volunteer me to help her family ever again.

She told me I was overreacting and I can’t hold it against her that her friend invited them to the game. She also said I’m not being fair by blaming her for Joe and his GF.

Let’s see what people in the comments are saying.

Right? She sounds super controlling. I wasn’t surprised she gaslit him after he vented about it.

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I hadn’t thought of this! When you help someone move, you’re putting your body at risk.

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You have to put your foot down with people like this. It’s the only way to stop their manipulation.

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It would be awkward, but it’s their fault. Not yours.

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This would be a good excuse to travel.

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I’ll help you move by packing glasses in paper, but that’s it.

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