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When A Creepy Guy Won’t Stop Annoying Her On Vacation, She Uses Her Own Tragedy In A Hilarious Joke That Leaves His Jaw On The Floor

by Ryan McCarthy

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It’s no surprise at this point when random men are creepy to my female friends.

It’s like some men grew up entirely without mothers, or sisters, or female friends at all. And the thought that they did, and still act like this, that just makes it even scarier!

When this user got tired of a creepy man’s joke on vacation, she turned her own tragedy into a hilarious joke that left him speechless!

Check it out!

Join Us

A couple years back I (f43 at the time) went on a mini vacation to Palm Springs with a friend (f34 at the time).

My friend wanted this trip to be a birthday celebration for me, despite the fact that it was a month before my birthday and I actually HATE celebrating my birthday…

It also happened to be the 2nd anniversary of my dad’s death, which was incredibly traumatic for me.

I’d just been through a couple of really rough years.

We were at the back end of covid lockdowns, and I was not feeling very “peopley”. All I wanted to do was escape my reality and get drunk while floating in the pool.

Despite her reservation, her friend began chatting with another couple at the resort…

One day we’re at the pool and my friend starts talking to a couple (husband and wife).

I’m trying to mind my own, but my friend pulls me into their conversation by telling them we’re there to celebrate my birthday.

They give me well wishes and I join the conversation to be polite.

Soon the conversation turned to the resort’s provided attire, which was decidedly creepy…

Now, the resort we’re at provides robes for all of their guests.

These weren’t the typical terry cloth bath robes, they were more like a smock – similar to what you’d see people wearing in a documentary about a 1970’s hippy cult.

My friend started mocking the robes and saying all the guests at the hotel were going to be forced to join a cult in the desert.

The husband jumps on this idea and decides its a “*** cult.”

He spreads his arms and walks toward my friend and I, saying “Join us.”

It’s funny – we all laugh… the first time.

Like any joke that is done to death, it soon lost its novelty…

Side note: While my friend and I are average looking women, we’re both heavily tattooed. Men seem to take more liberties with women like us.

The amount of times I’ve been asked by men if I enjoy pain would make you want to set up camp in your local police station’s parking lot and befriend your county’s DA.

Also, as a woman who’s spent most of my life on this planet, I’m very familiar with men being creeps.

After he makes the joke a couple more times, it’s not funny anymore.

And his poor wife seemed to be getting uncomfortable.

The couple began asking her and her friend about themselves…

We carry on anyway and we’re having some normal ‘get to know you’ conversation and they ask my friend if she’s married.

She tells them her husband passed away shortly after they separated several years back. Then they ask me if I’m married.

I say I was, but my husband and I divorced, and he had also passed away recently.

My friend and I hugged each other because it was a sad moment for both of us.

But even in this moment of sadness, she saw the golden opportunity to get back at the husband’s annoying joke!

I then turned to the couple and said “We’re the dead husband cult.”

I walked toward the wife with my arms spread open and said “Join us.”

Then I went back to my drinking and floating.

This is objectively hilarious, right?

Reddit absolutely loved her dark sense of humor, and were laughing and offering their condolences at the same time!

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This user said she had the same sense of humor, and the story reminded her of a joke she made to one of her family friends!

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Finally, this user was wondering where else she has lived other than this big blue marble!

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From this guy’s weird behavior, she might not be joining the dead husband club, but I could see her being a future member of the “no husband club!”

The water’s fine.

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