June 15, 2024 at 12:38 pm

A Brilliant Blue Comet Was Perfectly Captured On Camera And It Looks Like A Shot Straight From A Movie

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Instagram

The ubiquitous nature of cameras these days, via smartphones, is usually listed as a downside of modern society.

Sometimes, though, people randomly capture something beautiful on camera – something we would never have been able to share without having a handy camera right there in our hand.

This time it was a turquoise flash as a comet shot through the sky over Portugal.

Content creator Milena Refacho captured the stunning fireball on camera, and her original post has netted more than six million views.

Her friends can be heard ooohing and ahhhing in the background, and it’s no wonder.

The European Space Agency confirmed that a fragment of a comet did pass over Portugal and Spain before burning up in the atmosphere. A super cool blue-green explosion resulted around midnight.

The descent was extra bright because it was moving at around 100,000 miles per hour – twice the speed of a rocky asteroid.

Astronomer Meg Schwamb says that the bright color could be an indication of its size, as well.

“This chunk is likely a bit bigger than a good fraction of the meteors we see during meteor showers, so this just made a bigger light show. It’s an unexpected interplanetary fireworks show.”

Source: Instagram

The ice-rock composition of most comets suggests they formed at the dawn of our solar system.

Pretty cool we can just see stuff like this from our backyard.

The universe loves putting on a show.

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