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A Rude Driver Cut in Line At A Pharmacy, So The Other People In Line Banded Together To Make Sure He Regretted It

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash

No one likes a line cutter!

We all know that, but some folks think they’re above the rules…but they get theirs in the end!

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Thou shalt not cut in line!!

“I was sitting in line at the local pharmacy drive-thru outside the grocery store. The way they have this line set up is kind of a mess.

Three cars can fit into the pharmacy line but then it’s intersected by the main drive, so the fourth person has to wait a short distance back to allow traffic to pass through.

Not everyone is cool about the process…

Most people are “Midwest nice” and follow the rules. But some people … don’t.

This line has not moved for about 10 minutes. The little old lady at the window is taking her sweet time. I’m 3rd in line.

Waiting patiently across the main drive behind me is a lady in a minivan, 4th in line. We have both been waiting for a while.

Oh no, you didn’t!

But then this idiot came up and horned his big SUV into the line, cutting in front of her and blocking one side of the main drive.

Now he’s 4th in line and she’s 5th. She gets out and talks to him, but he’s a total jerk to her, and he doesn’t move.

He’s pretty smug about being a jerk.

They had an idea.

I hop out of my car and hurry over to her minivan. “Park your van and get into my car,” I tell her. “We’ll both go in my car and you can get your stuff when I do.”

She is totally down with that! So she parked the van and we both walk past Mr. Idiot SUV Linecutter and get into my little car.

Oh, that dude was mad! I could hear him complaining.

Me and the other gal were just talking and laughing but I locked the doors just in case he tried something lol.

But then the idiot got so mad that he drove off!

“Quick quick, get your car,” I told her once we saw him leave the parking lot, and she hopped out and got her minivan.

While she was doing that, the line moved forward FINALLY. I just waited where I was until she drove up, because I wanted to make sure she got her spot back.

Then we all moved forward.

It’s just this little thing that happened but oh man, justice is sweet.”

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Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Especially when banding against jerks!

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