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A Fellow Passenger Refused To Move His Hair From Her Tray Table, So She Sprayed It With Perfume Hoping His Wife Would Have Some Questions When He Got Home

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge/Pexels/ lil artsy

Having to share your personal space is one thing, but having someone intrude it?

That sounds annoying, especially on a flight when space is already at a premium.

This girl had to deal with an annoying passenger on one of her lengthy flights.

Let’s check out how this passenger made her flight a bad one!

Keep Your Hair 2 Yourself

I was on a plane going across the country and had about a 6 hr nonstop flight.

Lucky me to be sitting next to a hippie guy with long nasty looking red hair.

He kept flicking his ponytail over the seat and it hung down right on my tray table.

Geez! That must have been annoying.

5 times I asked him-politely-to please keep his hair over his side of the seat.

He opened his mouth for the worse..

Finally he says I paid for the whole seat so deal with it.

No problem I said.

Having overheard him bragging about his wife I put my petty revenge into action.

I waited till the plane landed and pulled out a bottle of Shalimar and I lit that damn ponytail UP!!

I sprayed the heck out of then gave it a couple more spritzes for good luck.

That’s not it…

I saw him greet who I guess was his wife outside baggage claim.

I picked up my wheelie and waited against the wall.

I saw her face. She smelled another woman’s perfume on her man.

And there it is, the cherry on top..

I walked by them, waived and said have a great day!!! With a big smile!!

Put that crap up in a man bun next time.

The next b***h might cut it off. Or light it on fire!! All good thoughts!!

That will teach him a lesson!

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