June 26, 2024 at 6:36 am

A Group Of Dads Try To Break Down A Kid’s Stroller And It’s An Epic, Hilarious Saga

by Ashley Ashbee

Source: TikTok/@jordanflomofficial

We don’t need more proof that moms are superheroes, but if we did, we could use this as an example.

The Dad in this video has a heck of a time collapsing this stroller.

“I think it’s that side button there, isn’t it?” asked TikToker and father of triplets @jordanflomofficial.

Source: TikTok/@jordanflomofficial

He and his wife are in the car behind and recording the adventure while adding commentary and laughing.

Dad takes the seat out of the frame.

Then the reinforcements come in — now it’s three men trying to figure the stroller out.

But then they put the seat back in the frame and it looks like one of the men has done this before.

Source: TikTok/@jordanflomofficial

The woman in the car behind says, “I bet he may know.”

But he didn’t know.

They try a bunch of things: folding the stroller manually, trying to find buttons on the sides of the stroller — to no avail.

Source: TikTok/@jordanflomofficial

Out of ideas, the dad starts making a phone call to get help.

The woman in the car behind says, “I bet that’s his wife. I guarantee it.”

Then a woman walks up, presses a button on the handle of the stroller and collapses it.

The men look so frustrated with themselves.

Here’s the video.


How many Dads to collapse a Stroller? 🤣 #dad #mom #stroller #baby #funny

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Check out what folks are saying.

Haha this video is a good testimonial!

Source: TikTok/@jordanflomofficial

Probably! But to be fair, all strollers are different, so it’s hard to figure it out without a manual.

Source: TikTok/@jordanflomofficial

Naturally some people identified parallels in their own lives.

Source: TikTok/@jordanflomofficial

Like I said, moms are superheroes!

Source: TikTok/@jordanflomofficial

Haha I bet! I bet it’s tested for this scenario.

Source: TikTok/@jordanflomofficial

This is why I love Youtube tutorials.

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