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A Neighbor Accused Them Of Messing Up Their Pool, So They Reported The New Structure He Built And He Had To Tear It Down Because It Wasn’t Up To Code

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

It’s time for another Neighbor From Hell story!

And yes, you guessed correctly, it’s coming at us straight from Reddit.

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It’s Whom You Know.

“The Setup

A neighbor built a covered and semi-enclosed patio/kitchen using our shared back fence (which is made of cinder-blocks) as part of the structure (which was fully plumbed, wired, and equipped with the usual kitchen appliances, an expensive sound system, and an expensive-looking faux-crystal chandelier).


I choose to ignore everything because it caused no physical harm to anyone and was concealed from my sight by the tall shrubs on my side of the fence.

“Live and let live”, right?



One day, he falsely accused me of throwing dog feces into his pool.

I did not own a dog at the time, nor could any dogs access my fully fenced-in backyard.

He also encouraged his party guests to throw their empties and other trash into my back yard as ‘retaliation’, and laughed in my face when I told him to stop. Call the cops? He WAS a cop!

Cue the Revenge

So I met with a very good friend of mine, who just happened to be the city’s Director of Code Enforcement, and he determined that several code violations had been committed, in addition to the fact that no building permits for the structure had ever been issued by his division.

Take that!

He slapped the neighbor with violation notices, a large fine, and an order to completely remove the illegal structure or face an even bigger fine.

The neighbor’s own boss — the Chief of Police — read the report, examined the evidence, and refused to intervene.

The Fallout

Neighbor had to comply or risk losing his job, so he put all of his fancy appliances and fixtures in a rented storage locker, tore down the structure, and eventually sold all the appliances and fixtures at auction just before he and his family moved away.

Man, that chandelier sure looks nice hanging over my dining-room table!”

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Why can’t people just be good neighbors…?

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