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A Neighbor Didn’t Like the Color Of Their House, So They Bought More Houses On The Street And Painted Them The Same Way

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@qusaiakoud

Hey, you can’t please everyone, right?

You can say that again!

And if you’ve spent any time on Reddit at all, you know that a lot of people out there have neighbors they clash with…

And here’s another story to wrap your head around!

Check out what happened…

Neighbor didn’t like the color of my house.

“This was about 10 or 11 years ago in a medium sized city in Indiana. I moved into a house and had it painted to a new color scheme.

Doesn’t seem like a big deal…

It looked nice, was a little different than the surrounding homes but it wasn’t pink and yellow, or anything stupid. Some whackadoodle across the street came over and said it was horrible looking and told me to change it.

Well, I wondered if maybe I wasnt thinking right, so I asked 4 other neighbors and none of them had an issue at all, thought it was a nice improvement.

So I let him know no one else had an issue and he told me “I’ve got deep pockets, if you don’t change it I’m getting a lawyer!” I told him to go ahead and have a nice day.

This guy wouldn’t let it go.

After a few lawyers told him he had no case, he tried to get an HOA formed. Held meetings, paid someone to draw up the proposed rules, etc.. no one else would agree so his investment was a waste and he just wouldn’t stop complaining about it.

Well I already owned several rental properties at that point and was always on the hunt for more, so when the houses next door to him were selling, I ended up buying both of them but never told him I owned either.

How do you like this?!?!

I had picked up the first one in early fall and the other in the winter, so when summer rolled around I had both of them painted the exact same as mine. He was sooooo mad. 🤣

Even better is the fact that I bought them in 2009/2010 and sold them last year for a very nice profit. Thanks irrationally angry man!”

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