June 18, 2024 at 6:25 am

A Random Woman Climbs Into His Passenger Seat And Refuses To Get Out. – ‘I called the cops ten minutes ago.’

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@cart4r__

By my own admission, I’m an incredibly forgetful person. But there’s one thing that never slips my mind: locking my car’s doors!

Sometimes I’ll be inside of a store, and find myself walking out to the parking lot just to double check I had remembered to lock my car.

But stores like this reinforce my madness, because when this user stepped out to pump his gas, a random woman jumped into his passenger seat and refused to leave!

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Source: TikTok/@cart4r__

His video starts with the stress of his delivery job being turned up a notch by an uninvited visitor in his work vehicle!

“Bro I don’t know who this lady is. Can you get out? Can you get out of my van?”

But the woman has no response as she tries to hide her face from OP, who seemed to be pumping his gas when she jumped in his passenger side door.

Source: TikTok/@cart4r__

And even when he opens his driver door to tell her to leave ASAP, she is having none of it, even demanding that he give her a ride!

“I keep telling you bro, give me a ride down the street.” And apparently this woman thinks she knows OP, even guessing where he lives. “You live like a block away huh?”

He is flabbergasted, and tells her that it’s not even his van, its Amazon’s! He goes on to say if she wants to be in the Amazon van that badly, she should get a job there!

Apparently the woman had been drinking, which she denied once OP brought his camera out. “You just said you were drunk! You gotta go!”

Source: TikTok/@cart4r__

But the intoxicated woman isn’t budging, refusing to leave the van even when OP reveals he’s called the police on her.

“I think the police are gonna be here in a few minutes. You know I called the police on you like ten minutes ago right?”

The woman is unfazed, but unfortunately for her, the driver wasn’t bluffing, and just like he said, a cruiser pulls up next to his van at the end of the video!

Check it out for yourself!


Bro where she come from only in ATL 💀who mon is this 😭😭

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TikTok was shocked she would just jump into his van, but they were even more shocked when the cops actually came like OP said!

Source: TikTok/@cart4r__

Another user said this was a prime example of why you always lock your doors.

Source: TikTok/@cart4r__

Others thought she was acting a little too familiar for a van she had trespassed into.

Source: TikTok/@cart4r__

And finally this user was shocked she made herself right at home, even charging her phone with his usb port!

Source: TikTok/@cart4r__

If you want a ride so bad, call an Uber!

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