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A Teenage Girl Hit Their Car And She Wouldn’t Stop Crying. So They Told Her To Stop Being So Overly Dramatic

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@eddybllrd

Hey, I get it…

Getting into a car accident is traumatic and scary…especially when you’re a teenager.

But what’s the point of being overdramatic?

This person got into a fender bender with a teenage girl and now they’re getting some blowback about how they handled things.

Did they act like a jerk?

Let’s see what the heck is going on here…

AITA for calling a girl overdramatic when she was crying after rear-ending me?

“Last weekend, I attended my brother’s college graduation. After the ceremony, I found the rear of my trunk had been hit.

Here come the waterworks…

The other driver was still there.

She was an 18 year old who was crying hysterically while her mom tried to calm her down.

The girl apologized profusely and said she had overestimated how much room she had to back out and hit my car.

I wasn’t upset because mistakes happen. I asked if she had insurance and she was too worked up to answer.

So, I turned to her mom and she said yes, they’d go get it as well as call the police so there could be an official report for the insurance company.


The girl was still really worked up. I told her, it’s fine.

Don’t worry about it. I’m not upset and accidents happen.

Gimme a break…

She’s still a mess when the cops show up. I found this a little over dramatic and admittedly rolled my eyes.

I obviously don’t know this girl but it was beginning to feel like she was trying to manipulate her way out of trouble-even though the cop and I both said these things happen and that the insurance would likely take care of it.

Eventually, the police left. I told the girl to calm down, it’s over and stop being dramatic. Then, I got in my car and was ready to leave.

My sister was with me the whole time.

She told me I was unnecessarily mean to the girl. I said she was being overdramatic for no reason, especially as no one yelled at her the entire time.

Now they’re uncertain…

My sister pointed out this girl is likely a new driver, probably worried she ruined whoever she was there to celebrate, etc. Plus, she’s probably worried about her rates going up. Or maybe she has anxiety or whatever.

Even if she was trying to manipulate with tears, I didn’t “have to be a jerk”.

I shrugged it off and let it go.

So far, her insurance has been cooperative and it seems this will all be resolved rather quickly.

The subject came up at the party we had for my brother.

Most of my family thought I was being a jerk. Though some agreed she needed to calm down.


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