June 24, 2024 at 11:14 pm

A Terrible Neighbor Wouldn’t Stop Blocking A Woman’s Car In Just To Be A Jerk, So The Woman’s Kid Reported It And Got His Truck Towed

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

It’s sad, but true…

Some people just insist on treating other folks like ****!

And the guy in the story you’re about to read sounds like he’s at the top of the **** heap!

Take a look at what happened…

Neighbor yells at mom with cancer, I get his car towed.

“Our direct neighbors consist of a couple and their kids.

The wife is nice enough, the kids are okay, but the husband (recently found out he’s now EX husband) is a total jerk. We’ll call him Sam for the purpose of the story.

This guy was bad news.

We and the community HOA has had multiple previous issues with Sam. First was the night that he was in the house screaming obscenities at the top of his lungs to his wife in the garage (the cops were called but nothing happened).

The second was him illegally dumping a mattress outside our gate (which he was recorded doing on various ring doorbell camera and reprimanded). And then there was the incident with my mom.


My mom who had cancer at the time was headed to an appointment and she opened the garage to leave and Sam’s big truck was parked outside of his open garage therefore blocking my mom from leaving. He was nowhere to be found.

My mom sat patiently waiting for 15 minutes before honking her horn. Not even 30 seconds later he emerges from his house and stands behind my moms car angrily screaming that my mom is a *****, and he know we reported him for the mattress (which we didn’t), and yelling ‘**** you’ at the top of his lungs waving his arms in the air like an idiot.

What a creep!

Finally he gets in his truck and whips it around so my mom can leave (now late for her appointment). That’s when we knew Sam was a complete jerk.

After that incident we noticed more often that he would just park his truck in front of his garage (again therefore blocking ours) and would disappear for 30-40 mins. The finally straw happened last week.

I’m at work and get a ring doorbell notification that my mom is entering through the front door. Which was weird because that means she didn’t park in the garage she parked in one of the parking spots in the neighborhood.

YES THERE ARE OTHER PUBLIC SPOTS IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD THAT SAM COULDVE BEEN PARKING IN. And in the background of the camera I can see Sam’s truck once again blocking our garage.. 30 minutes go by and it’s still there and I’m FED UP.

I screenshot the video feed and send it to a member of the HOA and send a message outlining how this has been happening for months blah blah he screamed at my mom. And what’d they do?

Called a tow truck.

**** you, Sam.”

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Mess around and find out.

Sure ’nuff!

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