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A Woman Caught A Neighbor Stealing From Her Garden, So She Decided To Embarrass Her In Front Of Her Family

by Matthew Gilligan

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Dinner is served!

Usually, that’s a thing everyone wants to hear

But this time was different!

Take a look at what this woman did when she got sick of tired of someone stealing from her garden.

Tsk, tsk!

Steal from the garden? Here, I brought you dinner!

“Not my story but my nanny’s; and this happened decades ago. I caught up with my nanny recently and I was reminded of this story.

My siblings and I had a part-time nanny growing up since both our parents worked. Her job was to pick us up from school in the afternoon, drive us to after-school activities, bring us home, and prepare dinner.

We lived in a subdivision where my parents own two pieces of property– one property where our house stood, and an empty lot next door. The empty lot wasn’t fenced in, and it’s essentially a bare piece of property.

This subdivision is considered small– only 60 properties allowing everyone to know each other. My parents moved there in the first year of their marriage and were literally one of the first families that ever lived there.

She was like a member of the family.

Nanny started working for us when my oldest brother came into the picture, and stayed with us for over 25 years before she retired. Everyone in the subdivision knew her and loved her.

Nanny loved to garden, and my parents gave her carte blanche on the empty lot. She cared for that garden so much, and we had a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit growing up (nanny could take home as much produce as she wanted as well).

That’s weird…

One day, nanny started to notice that her harvest was decreasing and couldn’t figure out why. There were bananas that she was sure was there a week ago that were now gone; the only harvest left were the ones that were already turning brown, etc.

After finding out nanny’s concerns, my dad installed CCTV cameras along our perimeter fence that looked out to the empty lot where nanny’s garden stands.

Look at that!

Sure enough, the CCTV catches a neighbor stealing nanny’s hard-earned harvest. It was a new neighbor (“Karen”) who was treating our garden as her own personal produce section. Karen steals at the oddest hours too when no one could see her (think 5 am/11 pm).

Well that didn’t sit well with Nanny. We give away produce to our neighbors; if they ask for some, nanny will give them away. The keyword, however, is that they ASK not steal.

So what does nanny do?

When nanny was sure that Karen was the thief, she cooked an extra large serving of dinner one night, and took some over to Karen’s house.


Her young son answered the door (possibly 8-10 years old) and nanny asked for Karen. When Karen came to the door, nanny in a loud voice said “I brought you dinner since I noticed that you’ve been helping yourself to our garden recently. I didn’t want you or your children to go hungry.”

Karen was obviously red in the face and shut the door quickly (without getting the food nanny was offering; she missed out cause nanny was an amazing cook). Her son was right by the door watching the exchange too!

It didn’t stop there.

Since nanny knew a lot of people in the neighborhood and people loved her back, she connived with some other people to “bring Karen dinner” for the next three days.

On the fourth day, Karen’s husband dropped by the house and apologized for Karen’s behavior and offered to compensate nanny for whatever Karen stole.

As far as I know, no one messed with nanny ever again.”

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I have a feeling she won’t be stealing from that garden again…

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