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An Uninvited Girl Showed Up At Her Daughter’s Birthday Party With Tons Of Gifts, But The Daughter Refuses To Let Her In Because She Thinks She’s Creepy

by Matthew Gilligan

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This story is pretty sad because a kid obviously got their feelings hurt, but most parents do what they think is best for their own children.

Did this mom handle the drama revolving around her daughter’s birthday party badly?

Check out what she had to say and YOU be the judge.

AITA for excluding my daughter’s “best friend” from her birthday party?

“My (36F) daughter’s (13F) birthday was last weekend.

There’s this trampoline park in town that offers sleepover parties where the kids could play for a few hours, watch a movie, and have a sleepover on the trampolines.

Her school is very small, so there are only 20 students in her entire year. When we were booking the event, she said to only book 19 places. I asked her if she was sure she wasn’t missing out someone, but she assured me there were only 19 kids in her class, and I was just misremembering.

Uh oh…

Fast forward to her birthday, and this girl “Kamilla” shows up with an entire box full of gifts: teddy bears, perfume, candles, nail polish, flowers, chocolates, etc.

I remembered picking up my from school at the beginning of the school year and seeing her chatting and being very friendly with Kamilla, so I assumed they were quite good friends.

When Kamilla went up to hug my daughter and wish her a happy birthday, she lightly pushed her away and told Kamilla she couldn’t attend as we forgot to book her place.

This doesn’t sound good…

I apologised to Kamilla and her mother and offered to talk to the people in charge and pay for her place, but my daughter insisted that Kamilla couldn’t come. Kamilla was very distraught over this and started sobbing.

I pulled my daughter aside and asked her why Kamilla couldn’t join, even though they used to be friendly and she’d invited every other student in her year. She said that Kamilla was just really weird, obsessive, and creepy, and she didn’t want to be friends with her anymore.

I asked her if Kamilla was bullying her, and she said no, she just didn’t want to be around Kamilla. Kamilla’s mother had found out about the party through another parent and Kamilla decided to surprise my daughter knowing she hadn’t been given an invite.

I returned the gifts to Kamilla, apologised again, and gently told her that there weren’t enough spaces.

Here it comes!

Her mother started screaming at me, telling me that I was a grown adult woman bullying a preteen girl. I told her that it was my daughter’s birthday party, she could invite whoever she wanted.

She accused me of raising my daughter to be a bully, and that she couldn’t just invite the entire class and exclude one girl. She claimed that Kamilla was my daughter’s “best friend” and she had to right to be invited.

I told her that my daughter’s a teenager, not a 5 year old, she can’t be forced to invite the entire class just to be nice. I said that I didn’t want to raise a doormat.

I didn’t want to teach her to value the feelings of others at the expense of her own – if my daughter feels uncomfortable around someone, then I prioritise HER wellbeing over that of a stranger’s.

Kamilla’s mother is now talking to the teachers to punish my daughter for “bullying”. I’ve tried explaining to her that my daughter was simply setting her boundaries, she shouldn’t have to face consequences for that.

Kamilla’s mother said that I was an “evil *****” who “took joy in bullying little girls”.


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Some people just can’t take a hint…

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