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Annoying Older Couple Cut Them Off In Line To See Bears On A Trip, But They Got The Last Laugh When They Saw The Animals And The Couple Didn’t

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge/Pexels/Pixabay

Isn’t it so annoying when oldies take advantage of the fact that they were born earlier?

They think they can just be rude and blame it on their age.

This guy had to deal with an old couple on his trip and he was not having it.

Let’s see how he took his petty revenge after the oldies cut him in a queue.

There are no bears here! Oh yeah???

Several years ago, my wife and I visited Whistler BC in the late spring/early summer.

Snow was mostly gone, but thought the gondola would be a gorgeous ride.

They were waiting in line when this happened..

We line up to board, and two very large, very old people cut in front of us as we were getting on, acting like they didn’t see us (when very clearly, at least the old man looked me dead in the eye, almost as if to say ‘go ahead, say something’).

They had to ride with the oldies.

It was just the 4 of us on the gondola, and the couple went straight to the ‘front’ – facing towards the top of the mountain – and took up the entire front view.

My wife and I, sort of dejected, sat down behind them. Who doesn’t want to be at the front???

The oldies started picking out faults with the trip..

They start complaining that there is no snow and then in particular, in the most British Cockney accent you can imagine says ‘there are no bears here!’.

If you have ever been to that area in spring/summer, there are bears EVERYWHERE!

This is where the fun begins..

My wife and I were tail end Charlies, looking out the back – and what do you know, we go right over a large brown bear and THREE cubs! (how the old f*****s missed it, I will never know).

My wife and I sat there in awe of what we were seeing, and kept our mouths shut, grinning from ear to ear.

The rest of the view WAS beautiful.

The oldies never got to see the bears!

As the ride ended, the old couple, again waiting to be the first, busted out of the gondola, could be heard complaining that they had wasted $50 and wish they had not bothered to ride.

This guy seems to be having too much fun with the fact that the oldies never witnessed the beauty.

Those old a******s probably went home and complained to their friends ‘Canada doesn’t have any bears!!!’

These oldies cut them in line using their privilege and yet ended up whining about the beauty of the ride.

Let’s see how folks on Reddit reacted to this little revenge story.

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Yikes! That was one grumpy old couple.

But they gave this man and his wife a story to tell!

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