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Arrogant Teammate Refused To Ask For Help With Weight Lifting, So They Let Him Fail When He Needed Them The Most

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/malicious compliance/pexels/Victor Freitas

It’s okay to ask for help. At least it doesn’t get your back broken.

This guy tells a story of his teammate who refused help with weight lifts and ended up getting himself in trouble.

Check out what happened.

Know how much you can lift

Back in high school during my freshman year I was on the football team.

For my high school if you were on the football team you were required to have one weightlifting class (fall semester) per year since the weightlifting coach was the football coach and he could put you on a specialized training separate from the other students in the class.

For context..

I normally train with one of my DE (Defensive End) buddies since we lifted relatively close to each other so most workouts we wouldn’t have to change the weights after each set, and we could take a reasonable break between sets.

There’s always that one person

One guy on the team, a backup CB (Cornerback), was usually way too c**ky for his own good, always trying to show up his teammates.

It’s also important to note that he was about 50 pounds lighter than us and didn’t do hardly any lifting.

Then things got funny

One day me and DE were going for our One rep max squats, I think at the time we had about 255 on the bar. CB walked over with a smug look on his face that had “I’m better than you” written all over it.

He told us that it looked easy and he could lift it no sweat. We told him it’s definitely heavier than anything we’ve seen him lift. His confidence didn’t falter though, he doubled down on his stance. Then he says to let him get one in.

They were confused

I look to DE.

DE looks at me.

“Ok fine go ahead. Do you want spotters?”

“Nah, this is easy, I don’t need your help.”

I look at DE.

DE looks at me.

But they let him do it

We took a step back and watched.

To his credit, he was at least able to get it up off the hooks and onto his shoulders.

His legs were shaking though, he clearly was struggling, but he very clearly said he could do it and he didn’t want any help so we didn’t help him.

He just couldn’t do it

CB squat… and didn’t get back up.

If there weren’t guards to save him he definitely would’ve been stuck there for a bit cause DE and I were fully ready to not help him at all.

He was clearly never going to do it ever again.

CB walked away embarrassed and coach, who was apparently behind us when this whole thing happened, just laughed and told us, while funny, to not do that again

Coach referenced that moment several times during the season and thankfully CB was a good sport about it all.

We were cool for the rest of the season.

Everyone had a little laugh with that one!

This guy will make sure he never gets too confident with anything.

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Arrogance can surely eat you right up!

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