June 10, 2024 at 4:34 am

Bad Bosses Consistently Treated An Employee Terribly, So They Followed The Rules And Made Their Jobs Harder

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance/pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

Some bosses would do anything but make their employees life easy!

We’ve heard stories of people give up after a one time terrible incident. This person faced multiple instances where the bosses were just being outright mean!

Let’s checkout the stories!

Bad Bosses

I worked for a home builder as the IT Tech. I got a new boss that was a micro-manager to the extreme!

I once was working on a server that was down and had shut down the whole office, but the boss had a meeting, I was the only IT person on site, she insisted the server would wait so I could come to her meeting, about an hour long that we never discussed anything to do with me.

If she had to work over time once, it would’ve made sense but this just kept on going..

Another time I was in her meeting and had all of the signs of a heart attack, went to the ER they said the test was inconclusive, the next day I was in a cardiologists office.

When I called off I told her that I was headed to the cardiologist because the ER thought my symptoms were with my heart.

The very next day I was in my bosses office being told that I was not working enough hours.

She was suffering from what seems to be a heart attack and yet they had no mercy!

Another time I had an appointment after work and needed to go, but they wanted me there, I told them no, and that caused them to ask if I wanted to be put on hourly.

I jumped at that since I was putting in easily 60 -70 hours a week.

She finally decided to do something about it!

Here is the malicious compliance part.

I was authorized to sign for $30000, for equipment, and when I made an order it was my practice to have the manager over the department to co-sign any request, they had more signing authority than I did.

AH HA! something went her way!

My manager decided that she needed final approval for anything that was ordered.

Petty revenge at its best, when the President of the development asked me to order him a palm pilot, with a straight face, I told him that he would need to get approval from his employee, my boss.

The next day, things went back to the ordering manager co-signing all POs.

While it doesn’t seem like a huge difference, it is still a step forward. She made a move and it turned out fruitful but let’s see if it lasts.

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Good for them! Very satisfying revenge.