June 28, 2024 at 6:23 am

Bar Owner Calls Out Toxic Customers Who Steal Glassware. – ‘They’re like $20 each. They’re very nice.’

by Matthew Gilligan


Well, that’s pretty rude…

And I didn’t even know this was a thing!

A bar owner named CC didn’t hold back when he ranted against rude customers who take advantage of his establishment.

CC stitched his video to another TikTok user’s where a woman joked about how her husband likes to steal dishes from restaurants. He was clearly upset by this video and said he finds this kind of stuff “infuriating.”

Source: TikTok

CC explained, “So we have very nice glasses at our bar. They’re like $20 each. They’re very nice. They provide a very good experience. But, recently, we were like, ‘We should stop buying these very nice glasses because people have been taking them.’”

Source: TikTok

CC continued, “So if you need to hear this, hear this: If you take people’s stuff if you take small businesses’ stuff, you have no class.”


Source: TikTok

Check out the video.


Guys pls dont take shit from small businesses. It’s not cool #barowners #smallbusiness

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This is what folks had to say.

One viewer spoke up.

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Another person talked about their friend’s bar.

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And this individual made a good point.

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Thieves…you’ve been put on notice…

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