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Boyfriend Was Asked to Bring Cool Whip To A Cookout But Had to Settle For Generic. Now The Girlfriend’s Mom Is Judging Him.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Yes, details are important, but in this case?

All I can say is that the reaction seems a little bit…unwarranted.

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AITA for bringing a generic product vs. the name brand I was asked to bring?

“Last weekend, my girlfriend’s family hosted a BBQ.

I was always raised to never show up anywhere empty-handed, so I asked my girlfriend’s mom what I could bring. She asked that I grab the Cool Whip for a dessert she was making.

No problem!

Easy enough. I figured it won’t be hard to find, so, I decide to wait until the morning of to grab it on my way there.

Well, I get to the store about 20 minutes before the BBQ starts and they’re somehow out of the name brand. They did, however, have the store brand’s “whipped topping”. As I didn’t have time to go to another grocery store, I just bought the generic brand and headed off.

Uh oh…

Upon arrival, I hand the bag to my girlfriend’s mom. She opens it, looks inside and gets a weird look on her face. She asks where the Cool Whip is. I say the store was out, but this is pretty much the same thing, right? She looks a little irritated with me but just tells me to make myself at home.

As I’m putting my stuff down, I hear her asking her husband to run to the store and grab the Cool Whip. I can’t hear the entire conversation, but he must have asked didn’t I bring it because I then hear her say “I asked for one thing and he couldn’t even deliver”.

Nothing else was said directly to me, but there were a few passive-aggressive remarks throughout the BBQ. Such as when her husband arrived, name brand in hand, calling him her “hero”.

Give it a rest!

When the dessert was served, she again made a comment about how it’s made with “real Cool Whip”. I didn’t want to make a scene, so I took it on the chin.

When talking to my girlfriend about it later, she said that her mom was overdramatic but I should’ve called her to ask if generic was okay.

Or I could’ve gone to a different store. I asked if there was really a difference and she said she doesn’t know, but it was what I was asked to bring, so I should’ve communicated better.

Again, this all sound so stupid but…AITA?”

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All this fuss over Cool Whip…wow…

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