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Camp Counselors Forces A Scout To Eat Boiled Spinach If She Wants Dessert, So She Gets Sick On Purpose To Score A Tasty Treat And Change The Rules Forever

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/ Malicious Compliance

People should start taking warnings seriously. Not everything is about whining or throwing challenges.

Her counselors on a camp refused to believe she hated spinach.

What came next clearly taught them their lesson.

Let’s check out the full story.

I Warned Her: Camp Edition

Traumatize Them Back thought you all would like my story:

In the late ‘70s I went to girl scout camp.

She loved it except that one incident..

It was great!!! But one night they served boiled spinach, and as fate would have it I’d been playing with pond moss that very afternoon.

Add to this I’d tried spinach once at a friend’s house and I threw up. (Mom despised spinach, so it hadn’t crossed my plate any other time).

She warned them!

At dinner that night our vegetable was boiled spinach. I told the counselors “I can’t eat this, I’ll throw up.”

“If you don’t take at least 3 brownie bites you can’t have dessert.”

“What is dessert” I queried?

She couldn’t resist this..

“Ice cream sandwiches” answered the counselors.

Damn. Game on.

“Okay, I want that. I’m going to take a bite and puke… should I aim for the railing?”. It was semi-outdoors.

They challenged her..

The counselors had stopped caring. “Uh-huh. Sounds good.”

I took the bite, swallowed it and promptly puked over the railing.

Suddenly, they are all action and rushed me to the one stall bathroom… that was occupied.


I puked in the sink until the vile green shit was out of my system.

As I wiped my mouth with the paper towel I said “So, do I need to take my other 2 bites?”

She got witty with them..

Several counselors asked me shortly thereafter “If you knew you were going to throw up, why did you eat it?”

“I love ice cream sandwiches,” I answered.

Her mother wasn’t pleased!

My sweet mother raised hell upon my return from camp that summer, and the forced “three bite” rule went away at Camp Winacka for many, many years.

Ice cream! That one made her take the risk and eat the spinach she oh so hates!

Would you have taken the chance?

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Even Popeye wasn’t eating spinach boiled!

Seems like raw spinach is the new potato!

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