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Complaining Customer Would Take Every Favor This Delivery Company Had To Offer For Free, So The Company Refused To Help Them Next Time

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: reddit/malicious compliance/pexels/Tima Miroshnichenko

Running a business is tiring. It’s even more hectic when you offer certain services like deliveries.

Some customers will make it their life mission to annoy you!

This girl’s in-laws had to deal with a dramatic customer but they figured out a way around it.

Let’s check out what happened!

Don’t want us to drive over your grass? ok, then curbside delivery it is.

Sorry for my English not native speaker, to give some context this was in Mexico.

My father in law just retired trucking and is helping his sons that have a small local delivery company. They mostly work with some hardware stores that offer free shipping that way they get more sales.

Then they call some delivery companies and use the cheapest one. The terms for the free shipping is that it is curbside, if they want anything else they have to pay extra.

This is where it begins..

So last week they had this customer that asked for a lot of construction material since they were remodeling their home.

The customer had some special requests..

My in-laws went to the place and the customer asked them to put the materials in the back yard, he said that it was a curb delivery and that their truck wouldn’t be able to drive there easily, basically the customer a 60yo asked very politely to help them since they had no way to move the stuff and they couldn’t had it in the front porch for safety and HOA reasons.

Well, my father in law (now FIL to make things easier) told him that he would need to backup and drive over the grass which was wet, this basically took 20-30 minutes just to be able to backup the truck to the back yard and obviously made a bit of a mess in the front garden, but easier to fix some grass than to move a few TONs of construction materials.

They did what they could.

He basically did this for free and just to be a nice person.

Next day FIL gets a call from the hardware store that the customer was very upset, that they messed up their front garden and blah blah blah. That they ended up giving the customer some credit notes/gift cards.

FIL told them that they wouldn’t be charging for that delivery or would give them the next curbside delivery for free.

But that’s not it!

Well guess what. Yesterday they got a new delivery to the same address with the same person. This time a lot of sheetrock panels, 2×4, and I don’t remember what else, but well construction material.

The customer asked the same, curbside delivery. FIL first of all apologized for driving over the grass and you know all the apologetic stuff you do to keep your client happy, but here is the malicious compliance.

He was firm!

Right when the customer was like don’t worry is ok, you can drop in the backyard FIL was like nope can’t do. I’m dropping it here as stipulated in this invoice you signed.

According to FIL customer was fuming, called the store, the store really didn’t care much.

FIL made a good move!

They spent the best part of an hour discussing and FIL wouldn’t bulge, finally he was like if you don’t want to receive it is ok, It is already paid I will just return it to the store, but I believe they will charge you a re stocking fee.

So he had to make a choice, receive the stuff and move it himself, or return it and have the contractors unable to do anything the next day.

And it ended their way.

So he decided the first, FIL left everything nicely accommodated in the curbside and left.

Yikes! Some customers will do anything but shop in peace!

This man wasn’t giving up but neither was her father in law!

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The comments are clearly on team FIL.

Who wants an annoying customer anyway?

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