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Cranky Old Man Complains About His Neighbor’s Band, But When They Catch Him Stealing Fruit From Their Yard, They Embarrass Him

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/Pettyrevenge/pexels/JoshHild

I’ll give anyone a fair shot, but I have to admit there’s a short list of people I would much rather not have as neighbors.

Nudists, partiers, thieves, to name a few. Or if I’m in an apartment, dancers, yoga enthusiast, and heavy stompers. But above all, more detested than anyone else: a rock band.

This user’s neighbor felt the same way, as he broke into his band’s house to tell them off for being too loud.

But when they caught him stealing fruit from their yard, they got revenge in the most hilarious way!

Check it out!

How we pettily revenged our old crank of a neighbour/how do you like them apples?

Back in my 20s I lived in a house with two of my closest friends.

We played in a semi successful/signed/nationally touring band together and practiced at our house, which happened to be at the end of a dead end street.

We jammed loud, but there weren’t any neighbours really close enough to have a problem with it and we always kept the practicing to appropriate hours.

Then, rather quickly, a couple of townhouses went up sort of behind our place and were quickly sold and occupied.

But the new occupants were less than thrilled about OP’s band practice!

One day we were practicing when this little old man came angrily into our house, up the stairs, and into our rehearsal room.

He started screaming and poking one of us in the chest about how we can’t be doing what we’re doing (despite the fact we’ve been doing it for 2 years and never had any problems).

Well we argued and hemmed and hawed and got the guy right up out of our house without killing him so it was a success, but we knew that day we hadn’t seen or heard the last from him.

And OP’s hunch was right on the money, because the old man had soon returned to their property…

Our house used to be an old farm house, but now was just a house on the end of a street in a neighborhood. We had two apple trees and two cherry trees in our backyard.

Well one day we look out the window and see this old man IN OUR YARD taking the apples off our tree.

So we got stoned and went and knocked on his door, demanding our apples back (we didn’t care about the apples, it was the principle).

He said his wife was going to make him a pie.

Once OP’s band had their apples back, they decided to make it clear there problem was with the old man rotten attitude, not with his theft!

He finally relented and gave them back, and we set them all on our windowsill where anytime he walked by the house he would see them.

We left the apples there until they dried out and began to rot.

Anytime we saw him walking by the window we would just stare and/or point at the rotten apples just as a screw you to that guy.

Probably the most petty thing I’ve ever done, but it felt good. He and his wife (who was a lovely and kind old Dutch lady) had sold the place and moved out within a year.

The nerve to barge in and scold someone like a child and still feel entitled to the fruit on their property? Old people are a different breed.

Reddit loved the pettiness, but this user said he should have demanded the man share the pie instead!

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

This user said the second that man was in his home without his permission he would have called the cops!

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

But apparently the apple thief had gained some fans, like this user who understood where the man was coming from!

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

Finally this user said that OP’s fruity warning was obviously effective if the man never bothered him again!

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

Not all old men are like this guy, he just one bad apple in the bunch!

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