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Criminal Neighbor Wreaked Havoc On The Neighborhood, So The HOA Put A Plan In Place To Permanently Shut Off Their Water And Make Sure They Could Never Sell Their House

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

There always seems to be one total scumbag house on every block…

I know there’s one where I live!

And no, it’s not MY house in case you were wondering

Anyway, enjoy this story from Reddit about a horrible neighbor who got what was coming to her in the end.

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Shutting off neighbor’s water.

“So this isn’t my story, this is my Dad’s.

I was a kid and this saga basically spanned the whole 1990s. I grew up on a small street that back in the day was a small neighborhood of 14 houses surrounded by horse pastures.

It’s since been developed all around it but was pretty quiet while I was growing up.

The neighborhood had a small well that serviced the houses and they had a small Well Associate (mini HOA) that took care of it.

It was a great deal. $40 a month and you get as much water as you want.

There was one neighbor who was bad news…

The neighbor at the end of the street was a paralyzed woman in a wheelchair. Let’s call her M**h Queen (MQ).

Before you feel bad for her, she was paralyzed by driving drunk/high and getting in a car accident. She was also a m**h dealer and frequently had criminals at her house.

I’m talking hardened, violent criminals with warrants. Every few months, we would get a knock on the doors and it would be a cop, warning us to stay inside because they were raiding her house.

My neighbor up the street was a small time jeweler and she had 2 cops posing as a married couple looking at jewelry but were actually collecting info from the neighbors and getting surveillance. Somehow, they never were able to nail the MQ, Just her friends.

Well, even though the water was cheap, MQ decided to stop paying her bill.

After 3 years of not paying, the Well Association decided to turn off her water. They sent my Dad over to do it.

First, he just turned it off (there is a shut off for each house in a ground box).

They turned it back on.

He then turned it off with a lock.

They cut the lock and turn it back on.

He then cuts out 12″ of pipe, caps its, shuts off the water with a lock.

They cut the lock, turn the valve, then complain to the Association that they have no water (no ****).

The Association told them to pay up. They responded by breaking the back windshield of my Dad’s car and later stealing it.

These folks were nuts!

This is the crazy part, they lived without running water for almost 3 years! They used the outside as their toilet. I don’t want to know what the inside looked like.

There were never less than 3 adults living in that house at a time, including MQ so you can imagine how bad it got.

MQ complained constantly saying she was getting gangrene, etc. Obviously not true but I’m sure health wasn’t great.

Ironically, it’s wasn’t the cops or lack of water that go rid of her at the end of the day…it was the bank.

They stopped paying their mortgage and tried to sell. My Dad made sure to tell every person who visited about it being a m**h house.


I don’t think they cooked there, but they sure did sell. No one was buying and the bank foreclosed on the house.

Left MQ with nothing.

The new owners paid the lien on the water, my Dad hooked up the water again, the new owners fixed and flipped the house and the current owners have been there ever since.”

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Bad neighbors always get what’s coming to them in the end…

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