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Customer Told An Employee How To Load Things Into His New Camaro, So They Did What He Asked And It Caused A Big Mess

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Wikimedia Commons

The poor fella who you’re going to read about had a smokin’ hot Camaro…but things went sideways in a hurry.

Check out what happened in this story from Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” page.

You want to put what in the brand new Camaro?

“Years ago, in the early 1980s, fresh out of high school I worked in the stock room of a now defunct department store.

One day I get a call to load some driveway sealer in a customer’s car.

I show up at the operators window, the customer show me their receipt.

They go to the parking lot to retrieve their vehicle. They pull up in a brand new chevy Berlinetta Camaro with white interior.

You sure about that?

He asks me to put the 3 large buckets of driveway sealer behind the front seats on the floor.

I told him that’s not a good idea, he insisted that’s what he wanted. So that’s what I did.


I lifted one of the buckets to move it over and there was a black ring on his brand new carpet.

He obviously pitched a fit.

Asking for the manager etc. I had the operator page my manager.

He shows up assesses the situation, asks me what happened.

I explain to him that I tried to talk him out of it.

He looks the guy in the eye and tells him that it’s his problem.”

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Yikes…that didn’t end well…

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