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Daughter Graduates With GED At 26 And Asks Dad For Party, But Her Father Says No Because He Doesn’t Think It Should Be Celebrated

by Laura Ornella

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In this day and age, schooling takes many different forms.

Graduation timelines don’t look like they used to for many, but that doesn’t mean they don’t rattle parents.

What happens when one rebellious high school dropout asks her father for a celebration after graduating with her GED at 26?

Let’s read this Reddit post below to find out.

AITA for refusing to hold a graduation party for my daughter for getting her GED

I will try to keep this as short as possible.

My middle daughter has always struggled with academics. She was in the average classes usually getting a C or B.

In high school, it got harder and she went through a lot of tutoring. When she was 17, she almost failed out. She had been tested before, but it came back with nothing.

Wow, that must’ve been extremely difficult not to have a reason for her poor performance.

We learned at that time that she decided to stop, she wasn’t turning stuff in and told us there was no point since she doesn’t do well academically.

She also had a huge resentment, at the time, for her younger sister [who] was academically inclined.

She turned 18 and refused to go to school and dropped out.

I’m sure that was not easy to deal with, especially if the other daughter is doing well.

After this, she [spiraled] and ruined a lot of relationships with friends and family.

She had an addiction. Her three siblings do not speak with her, and my wife doesn’t interact with her.

That’s a whole different story; but in short, she stole a lot of money.

She is now 26 and back on track. She called me asking me to host a graduation party since she got her GED. That I did it for the rest of the kids.

Graduating at 26 is quite late, but perhaps a party would be nice?

I told her no for three main reasons.

The first being she isn’t graduating; she got her GED.

No one will show up. She has screwed almost all of the family, so they won’t go. And her friends are shady, so I don’t want to invite them.

My last is that she is 26, and this was [supposed] to happen when she was 18.

She called me a jerk.

Raising children is never easy.

But should this parent have thrown the graduation party for their daughter despite it not going as planned?

Let’s see what Reddit has to say.

Some users thought a dinner might be a good compromise.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Other Redditors felt the grad party ask signaled deeper issues.

Source: Reddit/AITA

One user called out how big of a deal some families make high school graduations out to be.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And another user brought up a possibility that this is this daughter’s cry for help and support.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This dad needs to grow a heart.

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