June 30, 2024 at 6:42 am

Car Salesman Gives Controversial Take On Drivers With Bad Credit And Repossessions Who Try To Buy Another Car

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@goatforreal216

Is it ever really cool to dish the dirt on someone who’s in debt?

Well, I can leave that up to y’all to decide – but this auto worker sure doesn’t see the big deal about it.

And @goatforreal216 kinda has me feeling sorry for the woman he’s talking about!

He released footage of himself talking to a staff member on how much debt a woman is in and she’s trying to get a new car despite already having had a vehicle repo’d.

Source: TikTok/@goatforreal216

The salesman has named himself the “Car Biz GOAT.”

He’s looking up a customer’s financial history and finds she’s got an auto payment she’s past due on and that lead to her car being repossessed.

She also had another auto bill and he called a judgment on that because her son is making payments “On time.”

Source: TikTok/@goatforreal216

He never stopped to consider for one moment why the woman might have fallen into debt.

He even made another judgement on the woman’s family set up. He found out she has two sons and he started poking into their lives, too.

“One apple didn’t fall far from the tree. … And one figured out paying the bills would be helpful,” he said.

Source: TikTok/@goatforreal216

“She’s bad, bro,” he added.

On one payment the customer still owed $2,286. He ended by saying this wasn’t the time for her to buy a new car.

Seriously, I wonder how this guy would feel if someone was talking about his sister, mother, or daughter like this?

Thankfully the woman’s name was never mentioned, but the entire scene just seemed so distasteful and makes you think what some car salesmen are saying about all of us!

Here’s the full clip:


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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

This is it!

Source: TikTok/@goatforreal216


Source: TikTok/@goatforreal216

Hmm, that’s interesting!

Source: TikTok/@goatforreal216

This kind of content doesn’t sit right.

But I guess that’s the bad with the good on the internet, right?

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