June 28, 2024 at 6:32 pm

Employee Said Her Boss Gave Her A Lecture After She Didn’t Vote In A Poll About Pies At Work. – ‘This is the most purposeless thing I’ve ever experienced.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@lynn.tanya987654321

Talk about a waste of time!

A TikTokker named Tanya took to the social media platform to tell viewers about an unusual reprimand she got from her boss at work.

Tanya made a good point and told viewers, “Just because you work remote, doesn’t mean you’re going to escape the antics.”

Source: TikTok

Tanya said she got a work message that said, “Choose which pie you think we should throw at each other.”

She explained, “They were trying to get our opinion on which pie they should throw at each other. So they put a poll in the chat and they wanted everybody to vote on it.”

Tanya added, “I didn’t give a ****. I didn’t vote.”

I guess she wasn’t too into the idea…

Source: TikTok

She said that later in the day a manager got in touch with her and said, “Hey, I noticed that you didn’t vote on which pie we should throw at each other and it’s really important. We really want your input. We’ll give you until the end of day. Think on it; it’s kind of hard to choose.”

Tanya told viewers, “I come to work, I clock in, and I do my job, I get off and I go home. They want us to view the pie-throwing fest between calls and then they want our feedback on it, like, this is our reward.”

She added, “I still haven’t voted. I’m not going to vote. This is the most purposeless thing I’ve ever experienced.”

Source: TikTok

Check out what she had to say.



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