June 24, 2024 at 10:41 am

‘Cash is no longer king.’ – Expert Says There Are Five Things That Will Stop You From Getting The Very Best Deal On A Car

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@seth.godwin

Did you ever think that if you saved up wads of cash you might get a better deal on that car you’ve been eyeing up for a while now?

Well, read this and weep.

According to TikTok finance expert Seth Godwin (@seth.godwin) cash most definitely is no longer king when it comes to car dealerships.

According to Seth, the dealerships couldn’t care less if you want to get a deal with cash!

Here’s five things he says you should never say when buying a car:
Source: TikTok/@seth.godwin
1: “I’m not sure what I want”.

He said: “You should never set foot in a dealership unless you know exactly what you want.” This only makes it easier for the dealer to sell you what they want to!

2. “What’s your best price?”.

He said: “You want your best price, which you should already know because you went in knowing exactly what you want.”

Seth said a buyer should know what they’re willing to pay and it should include the cost of title, tax and everything else.

3. “What’s your best cash price?”.

Source: TikTok/@seth.godwin
According to Seth this just doesn’t work anymore.

He said dealerships want to get people to sign up to finance and therefore your cash deal won’t count.

He said: “Cash is no longer king.”

He went so far as to tell followers not to even mention cash until after the deal is finalized.

4. “I need a car today.”This is a complete faux pas he says because “Desperation is a car salesman’s best ally.”

Source: TikTok/@seth.godwin

5. “I want my car payment to be a certain amount per month.”

Source: TikTok/@seth.godwin
Setting a barrier could in fact end up with the car salesman charging you more, he said! Ouch.

Be careful out there guys, it looks like buying a car is a minefield.

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NEVER Say This When Buying A Car

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Source: TikTok/@seth.godwin

Winner winner!

Source: TikTok/@seth.godwin

The more tips the better.

Because no one loves buying a car.

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