June 20, 2024 at 10:33 am

Forget His Zodiac, This User Says The Best Way To Tell A Man’s Personality Is With His Favorite SuperHero

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@newelly.sa

With the success of Marvel recently, superhero stories are more popular than ever.

But for all the guys out there, we’ve been latched on to our favorite crimefighters since we were little kids, running around with a bath-towel as a cape.

So its no surprise that TikTok user @newelly.sa said that the best way to reveal a man’s character is with his favorite superhero!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@newelly.sa

Her video explains a particularly unexpected way you can reveal a man’s personality, not his zodiac, but his choice of favorite superhero! She starts her video with the most classic: Superman.

“You’re traditional, and you like things done your way.” I’d add that you might also have a talent for journalism, but who knows.

Next she moves on to everyone’s favorite neighborhood web-slinger. “If you like Spiderman, you use humor to cope with a lot of things. You’re indecisive, you’re a go with the flow kind of guy.”

Source: TikTok/@newelly.sa

For those of us who love the Caped Crusader, she theorized that we had went through a tough childhood.

“I feel like as a kid you went through a lot of hardships. Whether that was being bullied, being hard on yourself, I don’t know. But you still don’t know who you are, and you feel a sense of longing.”

Ok guys, I gotta admit. I wasn’t really buying this whole superhero system until she got to this one. I feel personally called out!

She went on to say Thor Fans were a work hard, party hard type of bunch. “You procrastinate a whole bunch, and you party a little harder than you work!”

Source: TikTok/@newelly.sa

For the Tony Stark fanboys, she said you are a straight-forward guy, and you can be a bit of a control freak.

“You’re not a follower. So you trust your judgment better than anyone else’s, and you’re a very calculated person.”

To end out her superhero personality assessment, she chose the dark horse in the race, Dr. Strange.

“You’re a very wise person, very responsible. But I feel like you hate yourself on the inside.” Yikes!

Check out her video for yourself!



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The men of TikTok felt personally attacked with some of her descriptions.

Source: TikTok/@newelly.sa

Others weren’t exactly buying what she was selling.

Source: TikTok/@newelly.sa

But most people couldn’t wait for her to take on their favorite crimefighter!

Source: TikTok/@newelly.sa

Ok but seriously, how did she know all of that? Because the Batman one is too personal!

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