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Future In-Laws Were Very Mean To Him, So His Fiancée Yelled At Them And He Laughed At Their Reaction

by Michael Levanduski

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Every family is different and it is good to be tolerant of your in-laws (or future in-laws) as much as possible.

Sometimes, however, behavior is not just different, it is downright abusive.

In this story, OP’s future in-laws are treating him horribly, but they get put in their place by his fiancée, which he (and I) found perfectly funny.

Needless to say, drama ensued. Enjoy.

AITA for laughing when my MIL and SIL got chewed out by my fiancé?

I (27m) am getting married to my fiancée (26f) later this year.

She’s an incredible woman and I’m the luckiest man alive to have her in my life.

Be careful OP. Bad in-laws can cause a lifetime of problems.

Unfortunately, she comes attached to a very entitled and self absorbed family. I genuinely don’t know how my fiancée ended up as amazing as she is with these people around.

The main players in this conflict are my MIL (53f) and SIL (24f) to be.

It is hard to believe there is anyone this spoiled and self-centered.

When my fiancé and I announced our engagement last year SIL had a complete breakdown, throwing a full on tantrum that she deserved to get married first and my fiancée should be forced to wait.

I was so confused by this reaction, but my fiancée just looked bored, which confused me even more.

Apparently her sister does this a lot when she feels she deserves something more than my fiancé.

Gee, I can’t imagine why SIL has trouble dating…

MIL took SIL’s side saying that dating wasn’t as easy for her. My fiancée always tells them off for being annoying and ridiculous and they hate it, which is kind of funny to me.

So here’s where I need some help.

Three weeks ago I got into a nasty car crash and my left leg is broken in multiple places.

The doctors say I’ll likely have a permanent limp even after I heal because of how bad the injury is and might even need a cane.

My fiancée is an absolute angel and has been by my side every step of the way.

I’m going to need a couple different surgeries and some serious physical therapy before I can properly walk again, and she’s been pushing my wheelchair since I got home.

You won’t believe this next part.

MIL and SIL stopped by yesterday and that’s where the trouble is. SIL asked my fiancée when she would be leaving me.

Flat out, while I was in the room.

MIL also chimed in saying a wheelchair or cane would look horrible in wedding pictures so it would be best for her to cancel and leave.

I was horrified.

Good on the fiancée for standing up for her man!

I didn’t even get to open my mouth before my fiancée went absolutely ballistic at her mom and sister. She told them that they were delusional if they believed she was that shallow.

She kicked them out almost immediately saying she was done and over their BS. They both looked like they sucked on extra sour lemons.

I couldn’t help laughing at their expressions. This was apparently what did it for them and they both huffed off still insisting they were just looking out for my fiancée. I laughed for a solid couple minutes before calming down.

My fiancée just looked so exhausted so we had some cheer up snuggles.

I’ve been getting messages from SIL all day saying that me laughing at them wanting my fiancée to not have to spend the rest of her life looking after me was completely uncalled for and I’m an AH.

She makes it sound like I’m completely paralyzed and I’ll need 24/7 care until I die.

I don’t think I did anything wrong but what do you guys think? Should I have kept my laughter to myself?


Clearly OP is NTA, and he knows it. But wow, his future in-laws are some of the biggest AHs I’ve seen on this site.

They must think the world literally revolves around them. Ridiculous.

While I am certain that every commenter agrees, let’s see what they have to say.

Good idea. OP should not have to deal with this abuse at all.

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An apology is the absolute minimum!

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Good point. It is not healthy to let her family keep treating them like this.

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There is no need for OP to put up them.

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Their behavior is inexcusable.

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