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Grumpy Father Demands Son Carry A Glass Jar Through The Airport For Him, But Son Uses TSA To Get Out Of The Ridiculous Chore

by Ryan McCarthy

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One of the luxuries of being a parent is the right to use one little beautiful phrase that all kids hate: “Because I said so!”

It doesn’t matter how good your argument was as a kid, it doesn’t matter what they were asking you to do, once “Because I said so” gets pulled out, you might as well give up.

But when this user’s Dad told him to carry a glass cookie jar through the airport ‘because he said so’, he ended up finding a hilarious way to get his revenge and get the jar off his hands!

Check it out!

Not my jar to bear

When I was 14, me and my family were returning from holiday, and we were all tired and stressed from a 4am start.

When we reached the airport, my dad told me to carry this big glass jar for him. This jar had been bought at the supermarket, and it used to contain cookies.

So there was nothing special or valuable about it, but it was heavy, bulky and inconvenient to carry.

He just hates throwing things away, and didn’t want to carry it himself.

When OP protested having to carry the jaw, his Dad got more than a little snippy with him!

I really didn’t want to carry it either so asked him if we could just put it in the checked baggage, and he said no, it’ll break, and he needed me to carry it.

I tried to flat out refuse, and we argued for a bit, before he just yelled at me, telling me that I’m ‘carrying the f***ing jar and that’s final’.

If he’d have asked me nicely I probably would have done it without issue, albeit begrudgingly.

So after his Dad’s little temper tantrum, OP decided he was going to get even…

But because he’d been so rude and dictatorial about it, and it was literally just empty packaging, teenage me thought ‘screw this’.

So right before we reached customs, I went to the bathroom, and filled it up with water.

When we got to the bag check, they pulled the jar out of my bag and confiscated it.

But however mad Dad was, there was nothing he could do about it!

I could see from his face that my dad was beyond angry about this, but he couldn’t yell at me in a public place, and was forced to stew on it for another 7 hours.

Years later my dad admitted that while he was annoyed at what I’d done, he was also secretly impressed and proud that I’d thought of the creative solution and had the nerve to do it.

Ever since, its become his go-to funny story of what a knucklehead I was as a teen.

That seriously was some quick thinking on OP’s part! But my question is, why would you be trying to take a glass jar home with you? And how it is less likely to break in OP’s suitcase?

Reddit admired OP solution, but many admitted that if it were them, the jar might have had a little “accident.”

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

This user was surprised that the jar even made it through TSA at all.

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

And finally, this user said that if anything, the story was an example of what a menace OP’s Dad was!

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

Seriously, what do you even need the jar for?

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