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Guy Tells His Friend’s New Girlfriend That He Let People Make Fun Of Her In High School, But He Pushes Back And Claims He’s Making It All Up

by Ashley Ashbee

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When people you know as a couple split up and seem to hate each other, you may have an idea of why and be tempted to intervene.

But is that a good idea?

Read this story and see what you think.

AITA for telling my friend’s new girlfriend he was the reason she was ostracised and bullied at school?

My (24F) friend, Adam (24M), has recently started dating Cynthia (23F).

The three of us went to the same school but we weren’t friends with Cynthia back then.

In our final 2 years, their parents had a big falling out and Adam completely turned against her.

I don’t know if he did it intentionally.

Brutal honesty enters the chat.

Someone made a comment about her to him in a group setting and Adam said something along the lines of “who gives a **** about her?” which a lot of the year took to be a green light to finally be able to openly ostracise and bully her.

Adam did encourage it at times I feel by the way he would ignore her in front of people when she tried speaking to him.

He mostly just let people bully her without acknowledging it.

Sometimes you can’t keep this kind of information from someone.

When he introduced her to us as his girlfriend I just felt so bad for her so when I got the chance to speak to her privately I told her everything I wrote above since I was sure he hadn’t told her. All she said to me was “oh.”

He said I shouldn’t have gotten involved and that he never bullied her or told anyone else to.

He claims he wouldn’t have ever done that to her but I think he’s just rewriting history.

A lot of our friends are people we went to school with so they obviously don’t want to be reminded of what ***** they all used to be so they’re siding with him.

Was I actually the ******* here?

Take a look at the comments.

To me, this determines if OP was the AH.

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Virtue signalling is a good phrase for this.

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Good point. To be honest, I prefer to cut cowards out of my life.

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Haha yeah I didn’t get why he didn’t share better examples.

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High school is over, people!

Let it go!

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