June 16, 2024 at 2:22 pm

He Doesn’t Think His In-Laws Are Safe Enough In The Pool, But His Wife Worries They Won’t Have Fun Without It

by Trisha Leigh

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A swimming pool can be a great addition to your home.

They’re good for exercise, great for cooling off in the summer, and sure, who doesn’t like to be “that” house on the block?

That said, between maintenance, insurance, and safety concerns, they can be a lot of work, too.

WIBTA For Not Allowing Our Guests To Use The Pool?

I (39M) am married to (38F).

My wife’s family is huge. Like, big and tight knit.

Most of her family either lives a bit north of us, others live in Midwest, and some live in TX area. Very few live too far.

Tomorrow we’re having a bbq. Most of her family is coming,

Overall, no big issues except our pool.

He doesn’t believe his brother-in-law is taking it seriously, and is worried about the safety of their niblings.

I don’t feel comfortable with kids in the pool unless they have a life jacket, and an adult or two are watching.

Last time they came over (Mid-May), my BIL was trying to let his two kids which are both under 5 in the pool with no life jacket or parental supervision, under the explanation “they can swim.”

But when I asked for proof to back up the statement, he complied, and in short, those kids cannot swim.

So, he doesn’t want them to be able to use the pool at their next get together.

Well they’re coming over again, and I’m considering locking up the pool this time.

Or at least not allowing my BIL or his kids to enter it if the previous situation repeats itself.

Like, everybody else is willing to comply, what is your problem?

His wife disagrees, saying the pool is a big reason they choose to gather there.


My wife thinks i’m wrong because the pool is the thing the kids (a WHOLE LOT OF KIDS) will be most excited about.

Who is right?

You know Reddit is on it!

The top commenter suggests a less controversial way of handling it.

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You can’t be too careful.

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Every parent should be fine with this rule.

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Indeed, why risk it?

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They also think he and his wife need to get on the same page.

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This guy has his head on straight.

Little kids and a swimming pool are not a gamble to take.

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