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He Helped His Struggling Sister Out Financially For A Long Time, But Now He’s Finally Ready To Move Out And Let Her Fend For Herself

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

Living with other people when you’re an adult can be tough…especially if they happen to be a sibling of yours!

So you can only imagine how the guy who wrote this story on Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page feels about wanting to get out of his current living situation with his sister.

Is he being a jerk?

Read his story below and see what you think.

AITA for telling my sister I want to move out?

“I (34M) moved into my sister’s (39F with 3 kids) house three and a half years ago, after she went through a nasty divorce.

I moved in because she was struggling financially and emotionally, I pay the entire rent ($2.3k) plus internet and some food about $3k after everything.

He’s spending A LOT of money.

Moving in also increased my commute to 2 hours each way, so I don’t even count the $800 | spend on gas and toll fees.

Two out of the three kids (13,10,4) have Autism, with one being none verbal. My sister works a night time job (40k per year) so I know she won’t be able to afford living in current home we are renting.

Keep in mind she rented this home with her ex husband, so they could afford it at one point. She won’t go after her ex for child support and refuses to look into assistance from the government.

It sounds like a bad situation.

She doesn’t do any upkeep on the house and it is quite frankly a mess, I pick up after myself but feel that she should clean up after her children.

My sister is extremely smart but horrible with money, l’ve probably given her close to 100k since I became an adult, not counting the over 90k l’ve paid in rent living with her.

He’s ready to get out of there.

She refuses to face her problems and just buries her head until my dad or I rescue her. I reminded her of my plan to move out in March of 2025, she didn’t like it and stated that she doesn’t want to talk about it.

I have a great career ($185k/per year) and really want to start looking at settling down and getting married, I also plan on moving out of state or going fully remote.

I chose to not have children and feel like she needs to figure out her life. Coddling her and just rescuing her clearly isn’t helping her.

AlTA for wanting to move out and move on, fully knowing that this will negatively impact my nephew and nieces, as well as cause my sister even more stress and depression?”

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You gotta cut the cord at some point…

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