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He Told His Brother His Toys Weren’t For Kids, So He Couldn’t Help Laughing When The Kid Hurt Himself After His Brother Ignored Him

by Trisha Leigh

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It can be confusing for kids when there are toys they’re not allowed to play with, but listen.

They are capable of listening anyway – sometimes better than the adults who are in charge of them.

This guy enjoys yo-yos as a hobby and sometimes side gig, and knows that there is definitely a sliding scale when it comes to safety.

His brother just wanted to appease his son, though, and chaos (and injury) ensued.

AITA for laughing when my nephew got hurt and knocked out a tooth with a toy my brother insisted I give him?

I have been playing with yo-yos my whole life. Since I was five probably. My uncle taught me how to use one.

I have used them in talent shows. I have even been on TV news and on a show demonstrating tricks. I even worked for a company that makes them on a demo team.

I know I know. Women want me and men want to be me.My brother cannot use one to save his life. He just can’t understand the hand movements. That’s fine he has many good qualities.

When he was showing off for some kids, he offered to give them all a free starter yoyo.

Unfortunately forethought is not one of them. I have boxes of starter yo-yos. They are lightweight and easy to learn with.

I also have a bunch of balls that have a self retracting mechanism inside so you can get used to the feel.

I was showing off for the kids last weekend at a family birthday party. Everyone wanted one. I went to my garage and got a box of the freebies.

His nephew wanted the real thing, but he explained why it wasn’t a good idea.

My nephew kept looking at my Maplewood yoyo. He wanted that one. I said no. He went crying to his dad who went to our mom.

She came stomping over with my idiot brother. She said that I had hundreds of yo-yos and that I could give one to my nephew.

I said it was a bad idea. I explained that my yo-yos are set up for professional use. Ladies please keep your panties and DMs to yourselves.

His mom and brother ganged up on him and the kid got the yoyo he wasn’t ready for anyway.

She insisted and my brother started insulting me for playing with toys at my age. So I took my nephew and I gave him a ball and a starter yo-yo.

I told him to start with the ball until he got the feel for it. Then the light plastic one.

I told him only to use the fancy one after he was sure of himself.

And promptly knocked out a tooth, causing him to crack up at the justice of it all.

Ten minutes. Ten f******* minutes later my SIL is bringing him to the bathroom because he got himself in the mouth.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

Somehow, everyone is blaming him even though he gave a warning.

My brother is pissed because his wife is mad that he got his son a “wooden morningstar”.

This is not accurate. The yo-yo was inspired.

My mother appears to have forgotten her part in this play because she is mad at me.

My brother told me that I had to pay the dentist bill to get the rest of the baby tooth out. I told him to kick rocks.

This all happened exactly as most parents could have predicted.

Let’s hear what Reddit has to say.

The top comment says he definitely didn’t do anything wrong.

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Everyone loves his storytelling.

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Who knew?

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No strings attached.

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We all feel a bit bad for the kid.

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I mean, what did they think would happen?

Hopefully they learned a lesson here. I’m sure the kid did.

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