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He Warned His Careless Neighbor To Not Let A Toddler Ride A Horse Alone, But The Neighbor Refused To Listen. Now The Kid Has A Broken Arm And The Neighbor Got Beaten Up By Her Sister.

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge/Pexels/Alexander Dummer

Sometimes listening to someone’s advice can really be helpful instead of acting like we know it all!

This girl faced some real consequences for not taking a simple piece of advice from a kind neighbor.

Then, things got really wild.

Let’s check out the fully story.

Don’t put toddlers on horses

About 5-ish years ago, I was watching my daughter (14 now; same one in my Evil Daughter stories) feed our distant neighbor’s horses carrots.

She’s been doing it since she could walk. They LOVE her.

She’s never once been nipped, while meanwhile I’ve been flat-out bitten multiple times when I’m just literally standing there or holding her.

On this occasion, our neighbor “Betty” was outside, and her nephew (2 or 3) was on a horse all by himself.

Instantly the dad in me kicked in, and I told her that wasn’t a great idea.

Oh did Betty mess up..

I told her that horses are awesome, but that they’re also sometimes unpredictable and easily spooked, and that even the best adult rider could get hurt.

Betty thought she knew better and wasn’t expecting any advices.

She got mad and berated me for 5 minutes, repeatedly reminding me and anyone who wasn’t deaf and within 10 miles that she was raised with horses blah blah blah.

I let her rant, said she’s the expert, and walked home with my kid.

It seems like she got some karma after having created such a havoc.

A week or so later, my daughter and I are in our local store, and Betty and her nephew show up behind us in line.

He’s got a cast on his right arm.

My daughter immediately does her thing and gives him a hug.

I then looked at Betty and gasped. She didn’t have a black eye. She had a black/blue/purple half a face.

I instantly forgot about the kid, and asked her if one of her horses had kicked her.

Guess what happened?!

Her nephew said, “Nope. Mommy whack-ed-ed her with a tennis racquet cuz aunt B put me on a horse all by myself and I got my arm broken when I fell off.”

Everyone had fits of laughter.

My daughter immediately busts out laughing like a hyena, which got everyone laughing.

Lady a few spots behind us literally dropped her basket she was laughing so hard. Even Betty was cracking up.

Anyway, today was my daughter’s first riding lesson with Betty (her Christmas gift), and figured I’d share the story.

Betty obviously wasn’t expecting the little kid to get hurt like that! Some precaution would’ve saved her from a lot of embarrassment.

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Some stories exist for a good laugh.

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