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Helicopter Company Screwed Over Their Brother Right Before His Wedding, So They Got Revenge By Making A Bad Review Go Mega Viral

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@benzel

Hell hath the fury of a person scorned around the time of their wedding

Because you better believe that folks are gonna get payback when that happens!

Check out what went down when this person got royally ticked off after their brother got some disappointing news before his wedding.

Start now!

Cancel on my kid brother’s wedding at three weeks notice? Enjoy being at the top of Google rankings for all the wrong reasons.

“So my kid brother got married 12 years ago this year. Being non religious they got married and had their reception at a barn at a country house.

Thinking for something different for their wedding present, my dad decided that instead of getting several wedding cars for them, he’d hire one car to take them from the venue to their hotel and as a surprise hire a helicopter to take the bride and her dad from my parent’s place where she was getting ready (her family is from down south) to the venue.

Then after the ceremony the newly weds, her immediate family and ours would each get a ten minute flight.

Sounds like fun!

So we (me) set out looking for a helicopter hire. We find this one company, they survey my parents place to make sure they can get in and out (we have a six acre field adjoining their garden/our driveway) and do the same at the venue, confirm all is ok, and my dad signs the contract and pays the 50% deposit.

3 weeks before the wedding they ring back and decide that they can’t actually get the helicopter into either the venue or our field and would be cancelling the hire and would be refunding the deposit when they do their next invoice pay run at the end of the month.

Say what?!?!

Cue my old man losing his **** and by the end of the day getting his money back. What followed was a mad scramble to find another helicopter firm, which in rural Lancashire aren’t exactly to be found on every street corner.

After a fraught couple of days we find another firm who are more than happy with getting in and out at both place, are cheaper and more relaxed than the initial firm. When we told them why we were booking it last minute they told us that we weren’t the first that they’d heard of being let down by that firm.

They weren’t done…

Here’s we’re the petty and honestly unintentional revenge comes in.

Back then I was a frequent contributor to a car forum I’ll call Mark’s car nerd forum (which is how my wife referred to it).

Not a massive one, at most I think we had about 70 members, but it was ours. One guy sorted out set up and we each bunged him a fiver a year to admin it. There were half a dozen sub-forums where we’d chat about motor shows, new car launches, F1, etc and one invite-only VIP area.

Anyway out of frustration I posted on the open pages about how ****** off and stressed we had been over the whole thing with a post title of “Beelzebub’s Helitours are a bunch of absolute *****”.

Nothing I wrote was untrue, I just laid out the facts of what they did and the stress it put us through a couple of weeks before the wedding.

Of course the guys all chimed in in support about how bad we’d been treated, until someone pointed out that we (as a forum) had paid for Google ranking boost and that if someone searched for a particular thing (say ‘Lamborghini Gallardo’) then our forum would be on google page 1 because one of us had posted about it.

So everyone changed their post to start with a version of “What’s that? Beelzebub’s helitours are a bunch of absolute *****?”.


Within a day if you searched “Beelzebub’s Helitours” on Google, one of the top results on page 1 was a link titled “Beelzebub’s Helitours are a bunch of absolute *****”.

Eventually one of the directors of said firm emailed the forum admin demanding the post was removed as it was damaging his firm’s reputation.

I don’t think so!

Dave the admin told him that unless he could provide irrefutable proof that my version of events was in any way incorrect then the post would be staying up.

This was followed by various threats of legal action to which Dave responded by locking the post with the message “Beelzebub’s Helitours have threatened to sue Mark’s car nerd forum to remove this post. We have repeatedly asked them provide evidence that this version of events is in anyway untrue which they have failed to do so. Until such time that they do, this post will remain up as a true account of how our member was treated by them.”

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That’s what happens when you ghost someone!

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