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Her Boyfriend Borrowed $300 From Her Parents And Then Cheated On Her, So She Sold His Vintage Scooter To Pay Them Back

by Michael Levanduski

Source: Vespa/Reddit

Borrowing money from a friend or family member is generally considered a bad idea because of the stress it can put on the relationship.

Borrowing money from a significant other’s parents is even worse.

While her boyfriend in this story was did not directly pay them back, she was able to get them their money and some nice revenge.

Check it out.

Neither a borrower or an arrogant ex be

In my early 20s I dated a guy who was super into vintage 1950s/60s Vespa’s (Italian moto scooters).

All of his friends had them and they would ride them together in rallies. So it was a very central part of his life.

This guy was a very smooth talker and charming.

I can’t imagine ever asking a significant other’s parents for money.

My parents were very generous people and I feel he took advantage of that.

One day while he was waiting for me to show up he convinced my parents to lend him $300. The deal was done by the time I got there.

Trying to be optimistic I vouched for him and promised my parents they’d get the money back.

This really isn’t looking good.

Every time I brought up paying my parents back I would get the yeah yeah I will and some bs excuse why it couldn’t be now.

This was something that bugged me to no end and over the two years we were together became something I became more and more adamant about.

Although charming, he had a fatal flaw when it came to our relationship.

He thought I was an idiot.

He not only won’t pay her parents back but also cheats on her!?

I say this because he cheated on me and thought he was so slick about it and I would never find out. Well I did from the get go.

Epic fight and I broke up with him. He decided to move out of state to “find himself”.

Every single day he was gone he would write me letters and poems affirming that I was his destiny and that as soon as he came back I would see how much he had changed and I wouldn’t be able to deny our future.

Bold of him to assume she would watch his scooter.

Before he left he took it upon himself to park his scooter on my front porch presumably so I could keep as eye on it.

He was so arrogantly assured that I was taking him back that he didn’t even think to ask.

I had told him over and over that I wasn’t taking him back and you get one chance and he messed it up.

In his mind I was going to take him back with open arms. While he was gone several of his friends and people he had done deals with confided in me how he owed them money or screwed them over.

I knew the chance of him voluntarily paying my parents back was over.

One day about two weeks after he left I decided that the only way my parents were getting repaid was if I took matters in my own hands.

It sounds like someone is going to get a really good deal.

I called a business run by several of the guys in the scooter community and offered to sell his scooter for $300, a ridiculously good price.

On the phone call I never had to say who I was because by the description of the scooter they knew exactly who the scooter belonged to.

I explained the situation and they jumped at the chance to buy it.

I took the money and repaid my parents.

When the ex returned he just assumed the scooter was stolen and didn’t even ask me a single question.

He must be arrogant to think he could get her back after cheating.

He tried in vain to get me back but while he was gone I met someone new and had unequivocally moved on without him.

The only thing I offered him about the missing scooter was “one day it was just parked on my porch and then one day it was gone. Was I supposed to be watching out for it? You never asked me to.”

I love it that the shop owners even kept her secret.

The owners of the shop never said anything and I never said anything.

Years later I found out that he had accused someone completely out of the picture of stealing it.

This guy thought it was hilarious that he thought he had stolen it because it was so far fetched.

I think it got sold to someone out of state because it was never part of the “scene” again.

It felt good to pay my parents back and that they didn’t become another person he screwed over.

The boyfriend sounds like a jerk from start to finish. I have to wonder why she stayed with him as long as she did.

I’m curious to read what other people on Reddit thought of the story.

Exactly, he just kept assuming and kept being wrong!

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Yeah, he deserves worse things to happen to him for sure.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Yes! Or pocket the extra cash. She deserves it.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Good point, I’m not sure how she could have legally sold the scooter.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

She will never give him a second chance.

Nor should she.

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