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Her Brother Bought An Expensive Gift For Their Dad And Said It Was From All The Kids, So Her Sister Freaked Out And Said He Lied And Was Dangerous

by Michael Levanduski

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Getting along with your siblings as an adult can sometimes be a challenge.

When trying to plan out gifts for a parent, many factors need to be considered.

In this story, OP’s brother got an expensive gift and said it was from all the siblings, which caused some major drama.

Check out the full details below.

AITA for siding with my brother over my very pregnant sister?

My brother, Spencer (38), bought an expensive Father’s Day gift, gave it to him, and told my Dad it was from all of his kids.

While nice, Spencer should have asked the siblings first, but not a huge deal.

The problem is, he didn’t ask any of us before giving it to my dad.

If split evenly between the four of us, this gift is still 3-4x what I would normally spend on a Father’s Day gift.

He said he wanted to say it was from all of us because he didn’t think our Dad would accept such an expensive gift from only him.

If Spencer wasn’t demanding the money for the gift, I don’t see why this is a huge deal.

So I’m a little annoyed, but Spencer never asked any of us to actually chip in.

I know that he has been having a rough time with my Dad, and I figure he’s trying to improve that with a big (thoughtful but way too expensive) gift.

I talked about it with my husband and we agreed to kind of ignore it. It’s fine if Spencer wants to say it’s from the group or not, but since we didn’t have any forewarning, we don’t feel obligated to go in on this gift.

My sister, Ann, (34) had a different reaction.

Ann sounds like she just likes drama and is overreacting.

She feels that he made her complicit in a lie, and that she doesn’t feel safe being around him while he’s acting impulsive and possibly manic.

Ann told Spencer he needs to talk to his therapist and psychiatrist, tell our Dad he lied, and told him that he was not welcome to be around her family or to meet her baby (who is due to be born soon) until he can manage his impulsiveness and outbursts.

Spencer apologized to Ann, and said that he would do what she asked, but that he didn’t feel safe communicating with her anymore and that she can see his kids through his ex wife if Ann would like.

Oh boy, now Spencer is leaving the group chat? This is a family of overreactors it seems.

Then he left our sibling group chat and also separately apologized to my other sibling and I for being impulsive and inconsiderate.

I’m so frustrated and sad. I loved that my siblings and I were all talking again. It was a nice couple years.

Ann said she is disappointed in Spencer’s response and said she didn’t intend for him to go no contact, but she was fine if he did.

I told her that I loved her, but I interpreted the same “you’re cut off. Stay away from me” message that Spencer did.

I basically told her that she’s in the wrong and the ball is in her court.

I might be a little biased towards Spencer because he is was much nicer to me than Ann was growing up.


Wow. There seems to be a little bit of blame to go around, but honestly, everyone is making a big deal out of a non-issue.

I think Spencer should have let the other siblings know of his little white lie, but it is nothing to get upset about.

Clearly, there is a lot of family history here that is going to impact their reactions.

Without more information, I think that Spencer and OP are NTA and maybe Ann is the AH here.

Let’s see what Reddit thought.

Yes, Ann’s reaction was way over the top. Unless OP was leaving out some very key details from family history.

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Interesting take here, OP is the AH for not doing enough to defend his brother.

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Yes, the only excuse Ann could have is if Spencer has had a history of issues, which OP did not mention.

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I think this Redditor hit the nail on the head. Ann just loves the drama.

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Exactly, this is a pretty normal activity from Spencer. I can’t see why Ann is freaking out.

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Come on, be better.

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