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Her Brother Tries To Embarrass Her Husband By Flaunting His Salary, But She Reveals Her Husband Actually Makes Twice As Much

by Ryan McCarthy

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Of all the annoying people in this world, the people who feel the need to throw how much money they make in people’s faces are undoubtedly the worst.

It’s like they think that at the mention of their salary, we’re all going to fall to our knees and kiss their feet!

But when this user’s brother tried embarrassing her husband about his salary as an electrician, he was shocked when she revealed her husband actually made twice as much as him!

Was she wrong for “embarrassing” him in front of their family? Decide for yourself!

AITA for throwing how much my husband makes in my brother’s face after my brother insulted his career?

I, F27, come from a family of white-collar career people. My Dad 60M owns his own business and my mom 57F is a pediatric surgeon.

My older brother M30 is a lawyer and loves to boast about how much money he makes. He is always buying new watches and expensive suits.

He also drives a Porsche and is engaged to who will be his third wife.

I’ve always been more introverted than my brother and I tend to fade into the background. I created and operate my own business and make a more than decent living.

OP said her husband was just as successful as her family, she clarified that he wasn’t nearly as flashy as they were.

My husband is a master electrician, and he owns a very successful business, he makes more than 3x what I do. We are a DINK couple (Double Income, No Kids).

However, we keep our income very lowkey and don’t spend money like my brother does.

My parents are aware of how much my husband makes because we paid for their 35th wedding anniversary getaway and my dad saw the price tag.

And while her parents were aware of her husband’s earnings, OP’s brother was none the wiser…

We were at Mother’s Day on Sunday, and both my brother and I bought nice things for our mother as gifts.

He bought her jewelry and I got her a certificate for several hand massages at a spa near the hospital she works at.

My mother thanked us, and my brother decided that it would be a good time to brag about how much the necklace cost.

He looked at my husband and joked about how he could never afford a necklace like the one he got my mother. How my husband could never afford anything on an electrician’s wage.

He carried on like that until I had enough of him insulting my partner, who worked harder than my brother to get where he’s at.

So OP stood up for her man, and completely embarrassed her brother by beating him at his own stupid “who makes the most money” competition!

I yelled at my brother to shut up, and that my husband easily makes twice what he does and that he should sit his ass down and be more respectful.

“Mother’s Day is about mom, not you.” Were my exact words. After my brother left, soon after I snapped at him, I apologized to my mom.

We went on to have a wonderful dinner, where mom told my husband embarrassing stories about me when I was little.

OP’s husband thanked her for standing up for him, but she soon recieved a slew of angry texts from her brother’s girlfriend!

My husband thanked me for standing up for him and my mom told me she had a lovely night while we were on the phone yesterday.

She even told me she used some of the money on the certificate to get her wrists and fingers massaged after a 10 hour surgery, she told me she was very happy with my gift.

My brother’s fiancee sent me a tirade of texts blasting me for embarrassing him in front of our parents and calling me a jerk.

I feel bad for causing drama but happy I stood up for my husband. AITA?

So it was ok for OP’s brother to try and embarrass her husband, but when someone did the same thing to him suddenly money was off limits? Sounds fishy.

Reddit said that OP was only standing up for her man, and that if anything, her brother was in the wrong for bringing up money in the first place.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this user said that you are rarely wrong for sticking up for your spouse.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Others said that OP didn’t have to embarrass her brother, because he had already embarrassed himself!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Finally, this person said that if you have to brag about how successful you are, then you probably aren’t actually that successful.

Source: Reddit/AITA

You started the money conversation, the only thing I did was end it!

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